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Quick and Cheap Way to Color Pink or Ash At Home

What if you can still color your hair pink at home? It’s rather easy to do that, just a few steps. Do make sure to read finish! You will thank me for this. :)

Now that it has been extended again, most of us will have to make peace with our hair color. No more coloring for one more month? Is it? Us, as humans, are meant for greater things. So even when we are not allowed to go out to color our hair, we find a solution to do it at home! Haha. We took all these photos a few months back so everything’s good. Social distancing guys. I’m sure you have been reading about this everywhere so I’ll spare you from reading that here. Anyway, I’m really glad stylists don’t have to keep a 1m distance when we cut the hair, otherwise, how to do that? I’m not sure if my arms are at least 1m long. Hahaha. Ok back to the topic. I wrote about this back in our Japan Smoky Color part 2 (I have linked it, you can click on it). We did the Smoky Dark Ash Blue on the volunteer model and like any other creative color, the smoky dark ash blue will fade, and what’s next?

In that article, I recommended that you can choose between 3 different choices for the color mask, Blue Mix, Ash Blue or Bluish Green, depending on the shade of blue that you like. I will explain more about the product at the bottom.

But like I said above, what if you’d like to do pink? Let’s do it! A few months ago, we asked the same volunteer model for our Japan Autumn Highlights (click to read) if she would like to collaborate again this time for another color. She agreed and here’s the process! I understand that I'm doing this on a pre-highlighted hair, what if your hair color is only a brown? Yes, you can do it too, there are different hair levels, read till the end~

Her ash-blonde surface lights have faded back to blonde and we’re going to turn it pink.

This is the Pink Fruity Color Mask (F-865) that we used on her hair. I will explain further on the product at the bottom after the process.

Basically, this is like a mini hair coloring session but the difference is, now you’re doing it on your own, at your home. There are only 3 steps: Step 1: Apply on the hair Apply a generous amount on the hand and slowly spread it to all parts of the hair. Or only the part(s) that you want to get it colored, some of our customers might only want to color the lower half. Personal advice: You might want to consider using a glove as it contains partial hair dye in it and if you have done your manicure, it might stain your fingers or nails. Try not to wear white while doing this too as it might drip and stain your clothes too.

Step 2: Rub it thoroughly on all parts of the hair The reason why we have to rub it is to allow the color mask to seep deeper into the hair and it will allow the color mask to get in the inner part of the hair too, not just the surface layer. Be patient with this, slowly rub from the surface layer, and the mid layer and finally the inner layer. The more patient you are, the more even the color will be. Step 3: Comb it evenly After all the rubbing, the color mask might be more concentrated on certain parts. Now take a comb and comb it evenly. There will be some on your comb, apply it to the less concentrated area and try to make it even.

And you’re done! Now just wait for a good 20 to 25 minutes, 20 if you want just a light shade of the color and 25 for a heavier shade. It works like purple shampoo or anti-yellow shampoo but it contains a lot more color pigment in it, a stronger version of a purple shampoo.

And this is how it looks like after that. The shade of pink is very nice! Aside from the pink surface lights now, even the base has a tinge of pink too.

To formally introduce the product, this is the Fruity Color Mask by Yumi. It’s currently on our online store at $30, inclusive of free delivery. We will absorb the delivery fees and make it free for you. And it will be tracked shipping from Ninjavan with a tracking code and it will ship directly to your doorstep. You don’t need to go out at all.

To explain it simply, the product is like a combination of hair dye and a treatment mask, seriously the best of both worlds. It has color pigment in it and it also helps to repair your hair from the damages. Also, there are a lot of nutrients in this color mask, such as,

  1. Vitamin c (antioxidant) - protects and reduce hair damage from UV light

  2. AHA - a natural hair repair agent to moisturize, prevents frizz and smoothen the hair

  3. Pectin extract - increase hair smooth and shine

  4. Levulose extract - enhance hair elasticity

You can also just use this as a hair mask and the added benefit is that the hair will have a tinge of color of your choice. You are going to use a hair mask anyway, why not make the best out of it? Use one that provides some extra benefits. Haha. Now it will get a little technical but you can always send us a message on our FB if you have any questions. We’re always here to help you! :) There are different color choices meant for different hair levels. There are color choices only available for either Medium Brown (Level 6), Dark Blonde (Level 7) or Medium Blonde (Level 8). Like what I always tell my customers, the lighter your hair color, the more color choices you have.

(credits goes to Madison Reed, we made some amendment to better illustrate the color)

And this is another example from Wallpaperware, they have different names for the levels of colors but the shades are similar -

Remember this, the lighter your hair color is, the better the color will show.

And, what if you have black hair? Will the color still show? If your hair is darker than the level 6 medium brown, the color is unlikely to show for level 7 and 8 colors choices below but it will have a tinge of the color for level 6 colors. Just like the example above, our volunteer model's black base color turned into a slight tinge of pink.

Like what I mentioned above, for dark colored hair, you can choose to use this as a treatment mask and the extra benefit will be that it provides a slight tinge of coloring too. These are the colors available for the different hair levels: For level 6 only:

If your hair is medium brown, you can do all these colors.

Ash Gold

Ash Blonde

Matt Blonde

Gold Blonde

Green Blonde


Gold Brown

Copper Brilliant

Copper Red

Red Violet (Purple)


For level 7 only:

If your hair is Dark Blonde, you can do these colors.

Dark Ash

Ash Mix

Green Mix

Yellow Mix


Red Mix

Violet Mix

Blue Mix

For level 6 and 8: Depending on the lightness of the hair, the outcome will be different too. The shade for level 8 will be lighter and more vibrant compared to level 6. The lighter the hair, the lighter the color too. The one on the left is for level 6 and the one on the right is for level 8.

Light Ash

Ash Gold

Ash Pink

Ash Violet

Ash Blonde

Ash Blue

Blue Green

Green Blonde

For level 8 only: If your hair is Medium Blonde, you can do the Pink below.


This is the same pink that we use for the volunteer model above. We left it for around 25 minutes so it's less pastel-ish and has a definitive pink-ish blonde shade.

You might be asking why is there black? Some ladies, and gentlemen, have bleached their hair full length and would like to have their black hair again. Instead of buying a traditional box hair dye, they can do this now, repairing their hair at the same time, because bleached hair is likely to be damaged from the bleaching. And this is why black is necessary. :) Depending on your hair, you can use it once or twice a week. If the color is fading quickly, you should use it twice. It really depends. If you’re always using hot water to wash the hair, the color will fade quickly. But the frequency is once or twice a week, try it once a week to see if you’re comfortable with it. If you purchase from our online store, we will send it every Tuesday (last order is Monday at 9 pm) and Friday (last order is Thursday at 9 pm). Example: If you ordered on Monday at 2 pm, we will send it the next day on Tuesday but if you ordered on Monday at 11 pm, we will only be sending it for delivery on Friday. It might take a day or two to reach the delivery company and another 1 or 3 days for them to send it out. Their orders are likely to be surging during this period so it might take a while. There will be a tracking code provided so you can track where your color mask is at.

My personal recommendation: If you have dark colored hair, maybe a level 4 to 6, you can consider a red violet color mask, use it and you will get a dark purple, something similar to our red wine dark purple color. Really nice too!

If you have any questions, just send us a message on our FB, we're always here to help you! :)

And... we have come to the end of the article. Thank you for reading! We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this period. Take care! Order soon!


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