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There are 2 sizes, 200ml or 250ml, we will ship the one available, depending on the stock but both are at $30.


Special promotion (ongoing)


If you buy 2 tubes at once, you will get a free tube of our Yumi Fruity Color Conditioner (worth $28). For every 2 tubes of the color mask, you get a free tube of the color conditioner.

The color conditioner is something similar to the mask but it does not contain as much pigment as the color mask. It works like a purple shampoo to prevent the hair from turning brassy. It can be used daily like a normal conditioner.


Or you can use it together with the color mask once a week, when you squeeze the color mask onto a bowl, squeeze a portion of the color conditioner (about 10% of the tube), mix it and apply together. It will help the hair to be smoother but if you add too much, the color might be on a slightly lighter shade.


Instruction for the hair mask

Shampoo your hair as per normal. Towel dry it. By towel drying it, it means the hair has to be somewhat moist but not dripping wet. The hair must not be dripping water. If it is dripping water, it is too wet, and applying the color mask will dilute the color.


Towel dry it, the hair should be a little moist now. Again, squeeze out the extra moisture, make sure it’s not dripping wet. Apply the color mask on the hair. Depending on your hair length, you can apply 25% to 50% of it. If you want to, you can squeeze it out in a bowl or container first to control the amount.


While applying, grab a small bunch, with your thumb touching your 4 fingers and your hair in between, rub it slowly. Imagine the color pigment seeping into the hair cuticle and the more you rub, the deeper it goes, the longer it can last.


This is the most important part. If you’re not rubbing it, it will just be a very vague shade of the color so you have to rub it. It’s very easy, rub it from the bottom to the top but avoid the scalp area. Grab a bunch, spend 5 seconds to rub it, grab another bunch, rub it again, and repeat this process for the entire hair.


Now that you should have applied and rubbed the entire hair, take a comb and comb it evenly, just to ensure the color mask gets applied to all parts of the hair, even the inner layer. If this is the first time you’re applying, leave it for 25 mins (subsequently, you can leave it for 20 mins, or 25 if you want). Rinse it off after this and you’re done! Don’t have to wash it again, it’s a hair mask remember? Haha.


To understand more on the color mask, do give this a read. :)

Yumi Fruity Color Mask

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