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Japan Ash Blonde Autumn Highlights

Brand new Ash Blonde Japanese-style Autumn Highlights below :)

Hello there! If you have been following us closely, you know that we are very innovative and this time round, we are going to introduce another of our brand new service - Japan Autumn Highlights. Highlights has always been one of our popular services and contrary to usual practice to innovate with the least popular service, we innovate with our popular services to spice things up even more. Let’s take the highlights up another level, shall we?

When I ask my customer what’s their view on highlights, the usual response would be a dark base color with yellow or blonde streaks for the entire hair. And some of them with bad experiences on highlights mentioned that if the streaks are too wide and unsubtle, you might look a little out of style. Hmm, to some extent, I agree with that but I guess everybody is suitable for different styles and there will be people who are suitable for such a style of highlights.

In the previous article for the Japan Smoky Color series, I mentioned that our stylist went to Japan for a week for intensive training and after the smoky color series, we have decided to bring to you our brand new Japan Autumn Highlights.

Why is this called Japan Autumn Highlights?

We have only one season in Singapore and it feels like we are living beside a volcano for the entire 365 days but let’s imagine what it would be like if we have the 4 seasons? Back in September/October, did you notice that the flowers on the trees are blooming very beautifully and after a few weeks, the leaves and the flowers started falling from the trees, just like our version of Autumn.

That is the concept behind this Japan Autumn Highlights, just like the leaves falling from the trees, the thought of it looks very dreamy and carefree. The highlights will look like that too, imitating the falling leaves. The Fringe Lights (one of the styles) will look exactly like that. There will be photos below.

To add more value to the Japanese-style highlights, it will be in Ash Blonde instead of the usual yellow or blonde lights. Ash Blonde is a very special shade of blonde that has a greyish tint to it and just by hearing this, it makes me want to do it already!

The Japan Autumn Highlights will include the ash blonde Japanese-style highlights, a base color without bleaching, haircut, olaplex mini treatment, and l’oreal treatment.

On a personal note, the photos are coming soon! Just right below! Haha. Do continue to read further.

Different styles of Japan Autumn Highlights

There are actually quite a few styles but we are introducing 3 different styles for now. The 3 styles are Fringe Lights, Surface Lights, and See-through Lights. I’ll talk more about it below giving the difference and the details between the different styles.

For now, we will give the Fringe Lights a little more focus.

Following the writing style from the Smoky Color series, let’s go through a quick process of the Japan Autumn Highlights for the Fringe Lights. It’s time to get excited!

- The Process -

We have a small community of hair volunteer models where we will post in the group whenever we needed volunteer models to help us. If you would like to join our small community to have your hair colored for free, do let us know and I’ll send you the invite link. Other than that, this is the hair of the volunteer model before the coloring session.

1 - Our hair model

Notice that her hair was rather light at the lower half but it will be covered very evenly and nicely afterward as the autumn highlights includes a base color so you don’t have to worry if you have uneven hair color, it will be even out nicely. :)

2 - Highlighting the hair

For Fringe Lights, the highlights are only done on the sides of the hair, giving it a very subtle yet sophisticated look. As the saying goes, less is more. It is not difficult to foil up the entire hair, maximizing the value by applying on every part of the hair. But that wouldn’t be nice. It will probably look rather messy. It is very difficult to portray the artsy less-is-more style on highlights but the stylist did it beautifully. The dark brown base and the ash blonde shade is painted on the hair after this highlighting process.

3 - The final steps

It will be followed by washing and blow-drying. One little tip about blow-drying is, always tilt the blowdryer downwards when you blowdry the hair. Otherwise, if you do it the opposite way, it is likely to increase the amount of frizz on your hair. And try not to use overly high temperatures too! The moisture in the hair will be sucked out. Be more careful!

Andddddd… the moment we have been waiting for…

The results

And no, I’m not kidding. That is the end result. You can’t really see anything, right? Haha. The magic is at the front. But watch the next photo when we give it some soft curls. And remember her before-hair? The uneven colors got covered perfectly. :)











Tadah! The real end result

It looks a little bluish because it was taken with the evening light, the moment before the sun sets. But the Fringe Lights looks really beautiful here, even better in real life. After we have finished blow-drying the hair, she asked if this was what we were expecting and these are my real exact words below -

“It exceeded my expectations'', I replied calmly while nodding my head gently, trying my hardest to contain all the excitement in me because it seriously did exceed all my expectations. Hahaha.

And this is how it looks like from the front. Does it look like leaves falling from the trees? A very autumn-ish feel. Just imagine walking against the wind and it’s blowing against your hair, revealing the inner ash blonde streaks. Wow. If you could look at my imagination right now, both of our eyes would be filled with heart shapes. <3 <3 <3 <3

The lovely ash blonde streaks! :)

Enough of the Fringe Lights, let’s get on the next style, Surface Lights.

What do you understand from the name, Surface Lights? Something that is done only on the surface? If that’s what you’re guessing, you got it right! It’s that simple. Haha. The Ash Blonde Surface Lights will cover the surface layer of the hair one tiny streak at a time.

Here are the photos, both from the side and the front -

From the front, it looks very cool with a tiny streak of ash blonde fringe, it added 200% coolness to your personality. Japanese highlights are known to make you look like an ice queen with icy cold personality, waiting for the special one and only to melt your heart.

All hail the ice queen. Haha

And we have our last Japan Autumn Highlights style, See-through lights.

The good thing about the names is that they are pretty self-explanatory. See-through lights are mostly about seeing through the highlights from our naked eye. From a close distance, it allows us to be able to see the different layers of ash blonde highlights on both the surface layer and the layer underneath.

It looks like 3D highlights with a 360 degrees highlights feel. Do you see the many many tiny streaks of lights but you can clearly tell that some streaks are on a layer underneath? This will take slightly longer as it will require a very complex highlighting method but the tremendous effort will be worthwhile as it gives an added dimension to the hair, a full round 3D feel.

And this concludes the introduction to our 3 styles of Japan Autumn Highlights. The good thing is, I honestly think that our stylist has outdone themselves again. It’s so beautifully done that I have to search the dictionary to find other words to praise them. Haha. I’m just kidding!

Again, we are just a bunch of innovative people who seek to create something new every now and then to bring new things to this industry. Previously, we have brought you a dark purple without bleaching, smoky ash purple without bleaching (and a whole lot of other colors without bleaching) and now we have Japanese style ash blonde highlights. There are still many things for us to play with and we will work hard to bring positive change to this hair industry.

If you would like to understand more, you can call us at 6336 1476 or send us a message on our FB. To book an appointment, you can do the same or head to Thank you!


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