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CNY 2024: Details and Promo

If you're unsure what to do, this is the right place to look at. All your CNY hair ideas in here :D

Hello there! It’s the time of the year again where we get to transform a lot of hair into beautiful work of art for CNY. It's the period that all hair salons look forward to too. It will be fun!

I’m going to write about all the information related to our CNY arrangement, the prices, the surcharge and all our different coloring styles that you can consider doing. All of the coloring styles. This means, it will be quite a long article but the time taken to read finish is worth it as after that you will be able to make a better decision to choose a pretty coloring style that will impress all your relatives. How does that sound? :D

Do share this article with your friends if they need more ideas for the CNY hair. Thank you!

Before I start with the different prices and coloring styles, the CNY surcharge will start on 1/2/2024 to 8/2/2024 at $15 for chemical services or $5 for haircut only (including our $38 olaplex mini treatment + cut).

2 examples. If you’re doing coloring + haircut on 1/2, it will be at a $15 surcharge, instead of $15 + $5. Or if you’re doing haircut only without any other services, it’s at a $5 surcharge. One exception, the $38 Cut + Olaplex mini treatment will be at $5 surcharge instead of $15. Once again, the CNY surcharge will start on 1/2 and our last day of operation is 8/2. We will be closing slightly earlier on 8/2 for salon cleaning.

Our operating hours for now is from 11am to 9pm (weekdays), 10am to 7pm (sat) and 11am to 7pm (sun). But from 13/1 to 8/2, we'll open from 10am to 10pm (closing early on 8/2).

At the end of this, I will include a full list of our price list. If you just want to see the list without looking at the photos, you can scroll to the end.

From December 2023 to 8/2/2024, we'll have 4 services of the month, namely, Color + Highlights, Japan Smoky Color without bleaching, Balayage without bleaching, and Yinyang 2-tone color without bleaching, each of it at $138.

The 4 services of the month above will all be inclusive of scalp protector, haircut, olaplex mini treatment, and l’oreal treatment.

The Scalp Protector is a scalp protection serum that is applied to the hair before any technical service, for greater scalp comfort. It's like protection against the chemicals from the coloring, with active soothing active ingredients like Chamomile extract, and free from parabens and fragrance, this is a valued add-on that is included in the price.

Do note that for our service of the month, it is not valid for VIP discount as it has been discounted.

$138 Color + Highlights

There are many different styles of highlights that you can consider. The first thing is the highlights stripes, it can be thin like babylights, or thick, or many stripes, or lesser and subtle stripes. Here are some examples, for a start, these are our Japanese highlights in 7 colors -

Or if you prefer the classic style, with ash blonde or blonde highlights, we can do it too, like the ones below.

To expand on this service, the $138 would be for a darker base color without bleaching, and also highlights (which can be either done by lifting, bleaching or a direct coloring). We can tone the highlights to another color, like the 7 colors above, or tone it to an ash blonde classic highlights. All these are under $138.

Alternatively, if you prefer something more exciting, here are some examples, this fringe coloring style is called Money Piece, which means to bleach and color the 2 streaks at the front. Or we can do just the earloop area too. Very special, I would say.

$138 Yinyang 2-tone color without bleach

This coloring style was created as an enhancement to the normal 1-tone color, in short, this is basically 2 colors without bleaching on different layers, front and back.

You can be creative with the combination, depending on your style. We did Dark Brown with Light Brown, Dark Purple with Copper, Dark Brown with Copper, and many different combinations. If you have lighter hair, your color choices would be wider, you can even go for a Dark Purple with Ash Purple.

We have several videos for this, do click here, here, or here.

$138 Japan Smoky Color without bleach

By far, this is our most popular coloring style which I believe is due to it not having to bleach the hair and yet it is able to achieve special colors like ash purple. This is done with a lifting, to lift the hair to a light brown, and thereafter, the color application.

Lifting is a less damaging process compared to bleaching, a healthier alternative but the tradeoff is the outcome is darker. This is like a smoky, darker version of the original intended color. To read about the entire procedure of this and the entire color choices, click here.

$138 Balayage without bleach

The traditional balayage is a coloring style where the lower half of the hair is bleached and colored. With knowledge from our japan smoky color series, we can now do lifting on the lower 60% length of the hair and do a smoky color balayage, for example, a smoky rose brown. Instead of the full length smoky color, you have a healthier alternative to the classic balayage, a non-bleach balayage.

We offer both with bleaching and without bleaching, we'll talk more about balayage with bleaching below. Without bleaching, it will be done by the same color lifting we use for the Japan Smoky Color series.

Do take a look at the Navy Blue Balayage w/o bleaching video over here. The gradient effect would be less obvious as there is no bleaching. However, the hair will not be as damaged because… there is no bleaching! But it does not mean there will be no damage at all, there will still be some. Ultimately, we’re using chemicals to alter the hair color.

The four $138 services above are our services of the month that has been discounted, next, we'll introduce our other services -

Normal Color @ $68

This is our primary coloring service that has double functions. It would be for 1 single full-length color without bleaching or color lifting, just one single color on the entire hair. The usual questions I get are if my hair has been bleached twice before, can I do an ash purple directly at $68 without bleaching it again?

Yes, you can, if your hair is light enough to do the desired shade of ash purple, or if it is not light enough, we can discuss further to find a slightly darker shade of ash purple.

On the other hand, what if the hair is black? In this case, the choices would be normal colors such as the different shades of brown, chocolate brown, dark brown, normal brown, or colors like different shades of copper or dark red. Remember, the lighter your hair is the more color choices that you will have.

We also have our signature service - Color + Stem Cell Treatment at $138. Stem Cell Treatment is our premium repair treatment that contains argan stem cell and various hair vitamins, will explain in greater detail below.

Dark Purple/Green w/o Bleaching @ $78

This would be similar to the normal color above but just that this would be for Dark Purple (Wine color) and Dark Green. Why the extra cost is because, for this, we’re using a color booster that has a stronger pigment to ensure the hair is able to absorb these 2 special colors without having to bleach the hair or lift it.

We usually get quite a lot of requests for the Dark Purple as it is really a very special color, a very beautiful and subtle dark violet red. Just like red wine, it’s not red, it’s not black either, it’s just a special type of subtle color on its own. A low-key version of flamboyant.

Ombre Butterfly @ $198

For ladies who prefer a creative twist to the normal highlights, this is the creative twist that combines both color + highlights and yinyang 2-tone color. The inner color will be a color without bleaching. You get to choose what kind of combination that you want. The classic combination would be a normal brown with highlights and light brown underneath.

Or if you want a more creative color like blue or purple, we do offer bleaching on the inner layer at $50. If you have slightly wavy hair, you might want to try this, your relatives will be busy looking at your hair instead of asking those unnecessary questions about your private life. Hahaha.

Balayage @ $168

A french hand painted coloring technique, it’s like an art piece, using freehand to create these smooth gradient effect that transits the base color softly from dark to light.

The bleaching and coloring will be done mainly on the lower 60% length, however, the lighter the color, the more bleaching it requires.

Ombre @ $118

There are a few definitions of Ombre as different salons might have different interpretations of this coloring style. For us, unlike the Balayage at least 60% length bleaching with a gradient effect, this would be a straightforward 50% length bleaching and 1-tone color on the lower half.

There is also the Ombre Underlight where a creative color is done on the inner layer of the hair.

In comparison to Ombre, many opted to do Balayage because of the harsh line in between but I have also seen many who prefers an obvious separation of colors. You might ask, which one is nicer? My opinion is that both are equally good, it depends on your personal style and preference. As long as you feel confident with your hair, even if it’s just a normal brown, the overall feel will exude confidence and beauty.

Ombre Waterfall @ $228

Among all our coloring styles, this is one of my personal favourite. We took the concept of a waterfall and modify this from the traditional Ombre style. The hair is only bleached at the bottom 20 to 30% and with a couple of related colors including the base color, it resembles a waterfall gushing down. Very creative!

This will slightly be on the high end as it includes the base color, the bleaching on the lower 30% and up to 2 colors on the lower bleached area. In addition, Olaplex or Bond rebuilder collagen treatment will be added into the bleaching solution. If you don’t want to damage your hair too much, pick this as the bleaching will only be on the lower ends, and olaplex/bond rebuilder is included so the hair will not be as damaged.

Full length Creative Color @ $200/$250/$300

This would be quite straightforward, full length bleaching and 1 tone full length color. This is more fun as you can have a full head of neon pink or a light ash purple. If you’re afraid that the color might fade too fast, don’t worry, we have many different pigment masks for you to use at home. The pigment mask refreshes the color every time you use it. Ask us about it, we’re all here to help you! :)

The price difference is for different length, $200 for short length (applies for guys too), $250 for length above shoulders and $300 for length touching or below shoulders. The bleaching included in the price is unlimited bleaching.

Other hair services

4-Step Keratin Straightening Treatment @ $138/$228

The Keratin Treatment would be at $138 on mon/fri and $228 on other days (inclusive of Plex treatment.

Although this is labeled as a straightening treatment, the main function of such keratin treatment is to provide smoothing and reduce frizz. This is mostly use for taming the unmanageable hair too as it straightens it naturally. The hair will feel a lot smoother. If you frequently do rebonding to straighten your hair and would like to try the keratin treatment, do talk to us first before deciding.

Rebonding @ $138

This will be quite straightforward. Rebonding is a hair straightening service where the hair bonds are broken to be altered and re-bond into the straight hair structure. Because the hair bonds would be broken, it is not suitable for bleached hair as it might not be strong enough to endure this process. Bleached hair has a different hair structure compared to normal non-bleached hair.

Rebonding coupled with color + highlights really looks amazing! I posted one of such combination it received one of the high engagement we ever had. Great taste! :D

You can choose between normal rebonding or soft rebonding. The difference is that soft rebonding will give a softer effect using chemicals of a lesser strength coupled with some straightening technique with the flat iron.

Keramimic Treatment @ $138

One of our most popular treatments, I believe we have done thousands of Keramimic Treatment for the past few years. Most of our regulars will be very familiar with this treatment, the great hair softening treatment.

In comparison to the keratin treatment. it is slightly similar but it’s not a keratin treatment. Keratin treatment has a stronger smoothing and straightening effect, the keramimic treatment, as a protein restructuring treatment, is more focused on the softening, moisturizing, an all-rounded service, but a lot lesser on the straightening effect.

If you are planning to do coloring, you can combine the coloring service with the keramimic treatment too. It helps the color to look softer in appearance too.

Stem Cell Treatment @ $108

When the bonds are broken, unless the cells are totally fried or dead, it is possible for it to heal by itself without any hair products. But it will take a really long time, maybe up to 6 months or a year with consistent conditioning and hair mask. There was a huge need to shorten this duration.

A decade ago, a major company patented a way to use chemicals to rebuild the broken hair bonds in the hair but there is also another technology that contains argan stem cells and various hair vitamins to trigger the stem cells in your hair to rebuild itself, that is the Stem Cell treatment.

For example, when you put a plaster on the wound and given time, the skin will heal by itself. This is how the Stem Cell Treatment works, promoting rebuilding and healing. The main ingredient is Argan Stem Cell, known for its regenerative and anti-aging properties, and also a couple of hair vitamins to boost the repair and moisturizing effect. And when it is coupled with coloring, it helps to balance out the damage from the chemicals.

These are our popular services above, if you have read until here, I’m extremely thankful to you! Or if you just scroll through to look at the photos, I’m equally thankful too. Haha.

Before I end, I would like to say that we don’t sell packages, charge GST or service charge. Haha. If you would like to understand more, you can call us at 6336 1476 (bugis cube) or 6259 4631 (tiong bahru) or send us a message. To book an appointment, you can do the same, or whatsapp us directly @ (whatsapp only). Thank you!

This is a compiled version of our price list -

⚠Services of the month (Dec 2023 to 8/2/2024)

1) Color + Highlights

2) Balayage without bleach

3) Japan Smoky Color without bleach

4) Yinyang 2-tone color without bleach

✌️ Each of it will be at $138 (all lengths)

✌️ Includes Scalp protector and haircut

✌️ Also includes l'oreal and olaplex mini treatment

✨Coloring services w/o bleaching -

❤️ *Normal color promotion @ $68

❤️ *1-tone Dark Purple/Dark Green @ $78

❤️ *Color + Highlights @ $138 (promo)

❤️ *Yinyang 2-tone color @ $138 (promo)

❤️ *Japan Smoky Color @ $138 (promo)

❤️ *Ombre Butterfly @ $198

The above 6 are all inclusive of haircut, olaplex mini treatment and l'oreal treatment, for all hair lengths.

✨Other main services -

1) Stem Cell Treatment + Color + Cut @ $138

2) Balayage @ $168 (unlimited 60% length bleaching)

3) Stem Cell Treatment @ $108

4) Keratin Treatment @ $138 (only on mon/fri) - free haircut

5) Keratin Treatment @ $228 (with Plex treatment) - free haircut

6) Rebonding(Soft/Normal) + Olaplex mini + Cut @ $138

7) Natural Ceramic Perming + Olaplex mini + Cut @ $188 (includes rebonding on top part)

8 ) Ombre Waterfall @ $228, Base color (w/o bleaching) + Ombre Waterfall (bottom bleaching) + Cut (Olaplex Or Bond Rebuilder Collagen Treatment included), the bleaching will only be at the lower 20 to 30%, very natural, like a waterfall

9) Rebonding (Soft/Normal) + Cut + Bond rebuilder collagen treatment + Hair spa treatment @ $198

10) Keramimic Treatment @ $138 - free haircut

To book an appt, you can call our hair studios at 6259 4631 (tiong bahru) or 6336 1476 (bugis cube), whatsapp us directly @ 9025 0432. Thank you! 👍

😍We're located at😍

1) Bugis Cube (opposite Bugis Junction, not Bugis plus)

470 North Bridge Road #04-04

Singapore 188735

Please call us at 6336 1476 for any further details.

2) Tiong Bahru (beside Tiong Bahru Plaza - 3 mins walk)

11A Boon Tiong Road #01-02

Singapore 161011

Please call us at 6259 4631 for any further details.


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