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Promotion: Dec 2023 to CNY 24

Hello there! We're in the months of Festive celebrations, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Following the tradition from the previous year, this final promotion for dec 2023 will be very special as this will not just be for one single month. This promotion will last all the way until CNY 2024, which means, Dec 2023, Jan 2024, all the way until 8/2. If you’re planning for your CNY hair, this is the place to look! Not just one but 4 different coloring promotions at once.

We’ll dive straight into the promotion and I’ll link up the respective links, should you want to read more to find out more about the individual styles.

The 4 services of the month below will be for December 2023, and also January 2024, all the way until we close for CNY on 08/02/2024. But do also take note that our CNY surcharge will begin on 1/2 to 8/2 at $15 for chemical services, and $5 for haircut only (including olaplex mini treatment).

We’ll talk more about our CNY arrangement at the end of the article. These are the 4 services of the month -

  1. Color + Highlights

  2. Japan Smoky Color without bleach

  3. Balayage without bleach

  4. Yinyang 2-tone color without bleach

They are all at $138 each, for all hair lengths

The 4 services of the month above will all be inclusive of scalp protector*, haircut, olaplex mini treatment, and l’oreal treatment. One gentle reminder for our VIP members is service of the month will not be entitled to further VIP discount.

The Scalp Protector is a scalp protection serum that is applied to the hair before any technical service, for greater scalp comfort. It's like protection against the chemicals from the coloring, with active soothing active ingredients like Chamomile extract, and free from parabens and fragrance, this is a valued add-on that is included in the price.

Let’s do a breakdown of each individual service to showcase more photos and to recap what the service is about.

Color + Highlights

There are many different styles of highlights that you can consider. The first thing is the highlights stripes, it can be thin like babylights, or thick, or many stripes, or lesser and subtle stripes. Here are some examples -

The highlights below are all done by bleaching, but we can do other kinds of highlights too, either by coloring or lightening if you prefer non-bleach highlights. One of our previous promotion was highlights in 7 different colors, here are the 7 japanese highlights photos below. If you want to read more on the Japanese highlights, click here.

Japan Smoky Color without bleach

By far, this is our most popular coloring style which I believe is due to it not having to bleach the hair and yet it is able to achieve special colors like ash purple. This is done with a lifting, to lift the hair to a light brown, and thereafter, the color application.

Lifting is a less damaging process compared to bleaching, a healthier alternative but the tradeoff is the outcome is darker. This is like a smoky, darker version of the original intended color. To read about the entire procedure of this and the entire color choices, click here.

Balayage without bleach

The traditional balayage is a coloring style where the lower half of the hair is bleached and colored. With knowledge from our japan smoky color series, we can now do lifting on the lower 60% length of the hair and do a smoky balayage, for example, a smoky rose brown. Instead of the full length smoky color, you have a healthier alternative to the classic balayage, a non-bleach balayage. More info on the balayage without bleach here.

Yinyang 2-tone color without bleach

This would be the most straightforward coloring style, similar to an underlight, this would be the normal version of an underlight for 2 layers of coloring without bleaching. This means, you can do colors like a darker brown on the outside, lighter brown on the inside, or dark purple on the outside, and dark red on the inside. To read up more on this coloring style over here.

Other Customization

Other than the usual coloring, there are also other ways to customize the coloring further, such as a Money Piece where the streaks on the front is colored, or just the sides on the earloop, the left and right only.

That’s about it! Let’s dive in more on our CNY plan so that you can start to plan the date for your CNY hair. In short, our prices and services of the month will remain the same all the way until we close for CNY, which is 20/1/2023. Our operating duration will also change to 10am to 10pm from 1/1 to 20/1.

For the 2024 CNY surcharge, it will begin on 1/2/24 to 8/2/24, there will be no surcharge for December or January. The CNY surcharge will be at $15 for chemical services, which means anything that is chemical-based like rebonding, perming, coloring, keratin treatment, premium treatments, etc. And for haircut (including olaplex mini treatment), the surcharge will be $5. If you’re doing a chemical service + haircut, the surcharge will remain at $15 instead of $15 + $5.

To book an appointment, you can whatsapp us directly @ (whatsapp only) or call us at 6336 1476 (bugis cube) or 6259 4631 (tiong bahru).

And we have reached the end! Thank you for reading! Stay safe and healthy! :)


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