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Japanese Highlights in 7 Different Colors

Hello there! Each year we will be doing some form of improved variation of a particular coloring style and this year is no different too. Highlights have always been one of our best and most popular services, and as usual, let’s take this up another level, with 7 different colors. Heard of orange highlights? You’ll like it, I’m sure! Let’s go!

To do a recap on our past highlights innovation, a couple of years back, we first started with our Japan Autumn Highlights and introduced 3 new types of highlighting styles in Ash Blonde. Fringe Lights, Surface Lights, and See-through Lights.

Fringe Lights

The highlights are done mainly on the fringe area by the side of the hair. More prominent on the front. The hair looks bluish mainly because of the evening light.

Surface Lights

As the name goes, for such highlights, it is only done on the surface of the hair with mostly thinner streaks and a couple of slightly thicker streaks. For the bulk of the hair, it is still the base color so this would lean more on the quieter aspect. Not too much but enough to see something different. Sometimes, less is more! This is our previous hair volunteer, still feeling thankful for the nice photos that she sent to us to show her beautiful highlights.

See-through Lights

Mostly about seeing through the different layers of highlights from our naked eyes. It has multiple depths to it as both the surface and the layer underneath have highlights. More of a 3D highlight as you can see many many tiny streaks of light on different layers of the hair. But despite the complexity of the highlights style, it still blends very well and very comfortable to look at.

Thereafter, we had our money piece highlights last year where we combine our highlights style with the additional money piece style on the fringe. Money piece is the name of the coloring style where the 2 parts of the fringe area is colored. This is not part of highlights but rather an additional add-on.

And this year, for our upcoming service of the month for November 2022, not only we’re implementing the highlights style we have before above (except the money piece streaks), but we’re going to focus more on the combinations between the base and highlights, and also introduce a wider variety of colors instead. There will be combinations that you might not have seen before.

Before I start, all the highlights are done from our Fruity Color Pigment Mask, which means the ingredients are mostly natural, made from fruits, and containing hair vitamins. Moving on, these are our Japanese Autumn Highlights with 7 different colors. We’ll start with one of my favorite colors, the color of passion - Red.

Dark Red Base with Red Highlights

This will be a classic combination of colors, the same color but with darker and lighter shades. Together with the Japanese highlights style, See-through Lights, it looks very global and modern. You can actually see the little streaks of lighter red on the different layers of the hair. Very nice!

Dark Purple Base with Violet Red Highlights

If you find the red above to be too vibrant, here’s a softer version of red. The Red Violet that is a little purplish-pinkish version of red. This combination will be a little more gentle and soft, with more attention given to the entire gentle combination of both base and highlights, instead of just highlights alone. If the above red highlights is an extrovert, the violet red would be the introvert version of it. The front view of the combination looks so gorgeous!

On a side note, this is not a money piece on the fringe, it's a simple small streak of highlights, part of the highlights coloring. Money piece will be thicker.

Dark Copper Base with Orange Highlights

Orange is a very rare color to be done on the hair because it might be a little striking for some. But what if we use a striking color on a subtle highlights style - the Fringe Lights? It balances everything! It fulfilled the low-key look but the attention on the sides of the fringe is tuned up. I have to say this is the best combination among all of the colors here. Let’s not forget about the dark copper base too, this reddish brown shade compliments the orange well, allowing it to shine. Like I said, good combination, no, the best combination. Hahaha.

Dark Green Base with Ash Green Highlights

Let’s take a moment to enjoy the 2 beautiful shades of green. In this clean and green country, most of us when we thought about green, we might think of tree leaves or grass. However, green has some beautiful shades too, such as the base color, it’s sort of a brownish-green but with more dark green elements. Similar to the orange fringe lights highlight above, this is also a fringe light but with some surface light to showcase more contrast.

Blueblack Base with Blue Highlights

This would be a more classic combination of the 2 shades of blue, darker and lighter blue. We have incorporated a slight feminine touch, a Miranda Light where there is a fringe coloring of just a couple of mm to showcase the beautiful lighter blue on the wavy fringe. With the waves, it looks a little like balayage but it’s actually highlights instead. You can never go wrong with the classic option.

Dark Purple Base with Violet Highlights

One more classic combination like the above, but now it’s 2 shades of purple. Like blue, purple has always been the top 5 colors done by our customers. Purple is meant to be a subtle and cool color that is suitable for ladies with lighter skin. For this combination, we focus more on tuning it slightly less subtle with more obvious highlights but retain the blending elements.

Dark Reddish Brown Base with Ash Pink Highlights

You might find this familiar, this was the same volunteer for our surface lights above and we refreshed her color with Ash Pink. From here, we can look at the beautiful aspect of this surface lights style, the many little streaks of pink with a couple of thicker pink streaks. I remember there were quite a number of ladies who wanted to do this too, the exact same thing.

Other combinations

Other than the colors above, you can also do the colors in your desired color, say, an ash blue highlights? Or if you prefer the classic brown, we’ll include more examples at the end of the article.

I hope you like the highlights because, for me, it looks astonishing! I used to think that highlights are probably just thick blonde stripes on the head but wow, I have to say what we are introducing this time is really creative and colorful too. Hahaha. And here’s the main dish of this article, our service of the month for November (and also Dec 2022 to CNY 2023) -

Color + Highlights @ $118 (for all lengths)

Highlights in Japanese style or your desired style (e.g babylights)

Includes a base color w/o bleaching + highlights (either bleaching or lifting)

Includes haircut, Olaplex mini treatment, and L’oreal treatment

And we have reached the end of the article! Thank you so much for reading! I’ll include more examples of the classic highlights below. To book an appointment, you can call our hair studios at 6259 4631 (tiong bahru) or 6336 1476 (bugis cube), whatsapp us directly @ (whatsapp only) or head to our website, . Stay safe and healthy! :)

Other examples of classic highlights


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