Balayage: With VS Without Bleaching

Have you seen a Smoky Rose Brown Balayage that is done without bleaching before? I will be showing you that in the later part of the article. It's a short 3-min article with lots of photos of Balayage. Make sure to read finish because there is a big big BIG promotion below. I’m sure you will like it. :)

Hello there! In this article, we’ll talk about Balayage, especially balayage without bleaching. We started a few years ago as a color studio that focuses on coloring. It has been a good few years as we have been frequently creating new and creative coloring styles. To name a few, Ombre Butterfly, Ombre Waterfall, Yinyang 2-tone color, etc.

Balayage is a nice hand painted french coloring style with a gradient transition between the base and the balayage color below. The bleaching creates the gradient effect, it will look good if it is from a dark color to a light color, transitioning smoothly in between. Here are 2 examples of the smooth gradient transition in between.

And last year, after our successful experiment with the Japan Smoky Color series, we tried to create balayage without bleaching, with 5 color choices -

Navy Blue, Violet Red, Red, Dark Red, and Light Brown

All these are done with the color lifting technique instead of bleaching. This means, instead of bleaching the hair to a blonde, the color lifting lifts the hair color to a light brown instead.

To understand more on the color lifting process, click here to go back to our Japan Smoky Color series article.

Less harsh on the hair and less damages. But one important thing to take note is, less doesn’t mean none, there will still be some, but lesser. Haha. It’s a good trade-off.

To do an honest direct comparison, it will be unfair to say that both have the same effect. Without bleaching, the color is less vibrant and less light so the byproduct of this is that the gradient effect is less obvious too. There is still a gradient transition in the middle but less obvious due to the absence of white pigment from the bleaching.

On the other hand, again I would say that it is a good trade-off as you get the two-toned hair without bleaching your hair plus less damage, for example, the navy blue balayage without bleaching. It’s really nice and we had a lot of appointments for this navy blue last year, let’s repeat that again this year. How about with another color? *hint* Haha.

As per our usual practices, we have been practicing and experimenting with colors, this time with bigger goals, we want to be able to do balayage without bleaching with our smoky color choices. So we found a few volunteers to try it out and we did try to produce the smoky rose brown and smoky ash purple, without bleaching. Let’s see!

Smoky Rose Brown Balayage

The Smoky Rose Brown Balayage is done from natural black hair and I must say that the rose effect is pretty well done considering that it is done without bleaching.

Here’s more of it under sunlight, it looks even more rosey under direct sunlight. This is what we always tell our customers, different lighting can affect the shade of color.

Smoky Ash Purple Balayage

In comparison, this might look a little darker but if you appreciate the beautiful subtleness in the shades of purple, you will love this.

With that said, this will be the next service for Oct/Nov 2020 -

Balayage without bleaching @ $118

Inclusive of color lifting and 1-tone color on the lower 60% length, haircut, olaplex mini and l’oreal treatment

Available colors

1. The 5 colors for last year: Navy Blue, Violet Red, Red, Dark Red, and Light Brown

2. And all the colors in the **Smoky Color series: Rose Brown, Ash Brown, Ash Gold, Ash Purple, Milky Gold, Ash Green, Ash Copper, Sakura Red, Bluish Green, Milky Lavender, and Space Blue

**to look at the colors in the smoky color series, this is the link again

Extra Special Color: Sapphire Blue Balayage

It’s near the end of 2020 so we’re trying to do something special for the final few months. The current pandemic situation in Singapore is getting better too with lesser and lesser cases so we’ll take this opportunity to do something special. To make people’s day better with a nice color. Haha.

If you would like to understand more, you can call us at 6259 4631 (tiong bahru), 6336 1476 (bugis cube) or send us a message on our FB. To book an appointment, you can do the same or head to


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Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay awesome! Thank you for reading! <3


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