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Everything about our new Japan Smoky Color Series

2024: More photos added below at the end. :)

Hello there! This little space is usually for us to share hair knowledge but I’ll make it an exception today because I have been receiving way too many questions regarding our new japan color series. So let’s make full use of this little space to discuss more in-depth about our new color series - Japan Smoky Color Series. I’ll go really deep to provide a lot of clarity, so it might take quite some time to read finish. At the end of the article, there will be more information on the current promotion. Read till the end!

As per my usual writing style, I’ll keep it as informal as possible, like we’re having a really interesting conversation. Do read until the end as I have included photos of the coloring process and the different colors in this color series. Smoky Ash Purple / Brown / Green / Copper and a Sakura Red which resembles the color of the cherry blossom! And many more colors. If you need a cue to be excited, this is the time to be. Haha.

Before that, if this is the first time that you have heard of us, our little cozy hair studio is located at Bugis Cube, #04-04, Singapore 188735, just beside the escalator of level 4, you will see the big red word Steve V at the top and our new service posters outside. Very glossy! Just the way I like it. Hahaha. And let us begin...

What is this Japan Smoky Color series?

In short, why this idea came about is because of our stylist who went to Japan for a week for intensive training on both coloring and hair related training. Yes, one whole week of intensive training to level up on our skills so that we can provide a much better service to our customers. One important thing we learned is a secret japan color lifting method that forms the backbone of this color series.

Traditionally, to get a creative ashy color (e.g. ash purple, ash lavender), chances are you will have to bleach your hair and not many people like to bleach their hair. Unless you have a big budget that allows some intensive treatment, otherwise you will feel a difference in your hair condition. Those who bleached their hair before will understand this. That’s also the main reason why we created so many coloring styles w/o bleaching, Yinyang 2-tone color, Ombre Butterfly, Dark Purple/Green w/o bleaching, etc...

And so we chanced upon this opportunity to learn this secret japan color lifting method that allows the hair to be able to do the Japan Smoky Colors, without damaging the hair that much. In a direct comparison with bleaching, this is a different thing where it lifts the hair level while retaining a huge part of your hair health.

Why is it called Smoky color?

As the name implies, it is a combination of a particular color with a smoky effect. The smoky color series require no bleaching so it is slightly less vibrant than the ones done with bleaching. In my opinion, this is a very good option that allows you to have a special color without the long hours of bleaching. Overall, the colors will be visibly obvious to the eyes as it is not subtle colors. It’s less ashy but more towards a toned-down version of the standard colors with a dustier smoky shade. It will not be as vibrant as the ones done with bleaching. Don’t worry, we’ll have the photos below. Do continue reading! :)

- The Process -

If you’re bleaching your hair, multiple rounds especially, it will take you at least a few hours just for the bleaching alone. But for this smoky color series, there are only 2 steps, the first being the color lifting and the second being the application of the color. It doesn’t take up a lot of time, probably an additional 30 to 45 minutes compared to your regular normal coloring. The main determinant is actually your hair length, the longer the hair, the longer it takes.

I’m going to show you the process for the Smoky Ash Purple below. A picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ll let the following pictures tell the story with a short caption above -

1 - Our hair model

For us to launch this new color series successfully, we have gathered quite a number of volunteers to be our hair models. I’ll only be showing the process for the smoky ash purple but the process for the rest of the colors is the same.

2 - Mixing of products

I mentioned above that we will be using our secret japan color lifting method for this smoky color series. To allow us to properly keep the secret, I have covered the product.

3 - Japan color lifting

And so after mixing the products, we apply it on the hair, thoroughly and carefully.

4 - The waiting

I actually wrote what I wanted to type here on the picture itself. So now I need to squeeze a bit more of my brain to think of something. Haha. But it’s true though, it’s quite fun looking at how the color changes. I guess my definition of fun is a little peculiar. Hahaha.

5 - The washing

After the color lifting, now we wash the hair and blow-dry it before the color application.

6 - Coloring!

Before we even apply the color, I know that it’s going to be really pretty. Just look at the purplish color dye.

7 - The waiting (again)

And… I wrote what I wanted to type here on the picture again. Haha. The next photo is the final result of this smoky ash purple!


















Looks really nice, isn’t it? I was quite surprised when I see it in real life. One important thing to note is, you see the glossy white-light effect at the top and the middle of the hair, that is the effect from the exposure of sunlight. This Japan Smoky Color series is a series of a toned-down version of the standard color with a dustier smoky shade so it is supposed to look darker compared to the original bleached version of the ash purple.

Here are the rest of the colors that we did for our volunteers -

Smoky Ash Purple (another)

Smoky Rose Brown

Smoky Dark Ash Blue

Smoky Milky Lavender

Smoky Space Blue

Smoky Brown

Smoky Sakura Red

Smoky Green

Smoky Copper

Smoky Dark Green

Smoky Milky Gold

Smoky Bluish Green

And this is the full list of the Japan Smoky Color series -

Rose Brown, Ash Brown, Ash Gold, Ash Purple, Milky Gold, Ash Green, Ash Copper, Sakura Red, Bluish Green, Milky Lavender, Space Blue

We have also added 6 more *matt colors that can be done under this series -

Matt Yellow, Matt Orange, Matt Pink, Matt Red, Matt Bluish-Green, Matt Violet

Some examples of the smoky matt series

Smoky Matt Orange

Smoky Matt Red

Other coloring style but in smoky combination

Smoky Ash Purple with Matt Orange Underlights

Smoky Matt Violet with Smoky Ash Brown Highlights

*Matt colors are versions of colors that are of matt (matte) finishing, it is not glossy or shiny in nature, more of cooler tone of the desired color

Steve V Color Pigment Shampoo

This is the pigment shampoo that can be coupled with the color for color maintenance. The difference between this and a color shampoo or a purple shampoo is that our pigment shampoo has actual pigment inside to be deposited into the hair cuticle in order for the color to last longer. This is a very good product with premium Chinese and Japanese ingredients too.

3 key ingredients -

💁 Argania spinosa kernel oil, aka argan oil, for moisturizing the hair and preventing coloring damage

💁 Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) flower extract, rich in antioxidants to help improve dry or brittle hair

💁 Polygonum multiflorum, aka He Shou Wu, used in TCM to strengthen the hair

Available colors (we'll help you to pick the color suitable for you)

Rose Gold, Rose Blue, Rose Pink, Rose Violet, Rose Red, Garnet Purple, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Ash Grey, Ash Brown, Ash Green, and Coffee Brown

If you would like to understand more or to book an appointment, you can call us at 6259 4631 (tiong bahru), 6336 1476 (bugis cube) or whatsapp us directly @ (whatsapp only). Thank you!

And we have reached the end of this service introduction. As usual, you know where to find us! Thank you for reading! :)

More example of the Smoky Color series


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