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Stem Cell Treatment Promotion

Hello there! We are having a new promotion for November and this is something that we rarely talk about it. Most of our regulars will know about our Stem Cell treatment but how does it work? Let’s find out!

Due to various reasons, the hair bonds inside the hair could be broken or damaged, caused by diet, lack of haircare, or overexposure to chemicals, which results in dry and/or brittle hair. The hair is easily broken, or just dry (jokingly, like grass).

To put it simply, we have 3 types of hair bonds in the hair - Disulfide bonds, Salt bonds, and Hydrogen bonds. All 3 work together to keep the hair healthy, strong, and thick. When it is healthy, the hair is supposed to be a little stretchy, like a rubber band, and when it loses this stretchiness, it is a sign that the bonds are broken.

When the bonds are broken, unless the cells are totally fried or dead, it is possible for it to heal by itself without any hair products. But it will take a really long time, maybe up to 6 months or a year with consistent conditioning and hair mask. There was a huge need to shorten this duration.

And fortunately, less than a decade ago, there was a breakthrough in hair technology where a major company invented a way to rebuild our broken hair bonds in the hair. Usually, our hair is formed by many many many hair bonds closely bonded with each other forming a very strong and healthy strand.

That major company patented a way to use chemicals to rebuild the broken hair bonds in the hair but there is also another technology that contains argan stem cells and various hair vitamins to trigger the stem cells in your hair to rebuild itself.

For example, when you put a plaster on the wound and given time, the skin will heal by itself. This is how the Stem Cell Treatment works, promoting rebuilding and healing.

This works the same way as the plaster theory too, it allows our cells to rebuild themselves from within, fixing the broken bonds, little by little, and the vitamins boost the strength and vitality of each hair strand. It is an excellent boost of moisture too. The feedback that we usually get is the hair ends felt different. It looks physically more healthy and the hair is a lot better to touch.

The main ingredient is Argan Stem Cell, known for its regenerative and anti-aging properties, and also a couple of hair vitamins to boost the repair and moisturizing effect. And when it is coupled with coloring, it helps to balance out the damage from the chemicals.

With that said, this is our Service of the month for November -

Color (without bleaching) + Stem Cell Treatment @ $118

For all lengths inclusive of haircut

In short, this is our top-tier hair repair treatment with a deep moisturizing function that uses stem cell technology which allows your hair to heal itself. This is highly recommended given the premium ingredients that will give your haircare game a great push toward natural healthy hair.

However, one important thing to take note of is that, while the Stem Cell Treatment is a good repair treatment, it is unlikely to reverse all of the previous hair damage. It will still depend on how damaged the hair is, and to what extent it is damaged.

But all in all, many of our customers enjoyed it, and you will too.

That’s about it! To book an appointment, you can call our hair studios at 6259 4631 (tiong bahru) or 6336 1476 (bugis cube), whatsapp us directly @ (whatsapp only). Thank you for reading! Stay safe and healthy! :)


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