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What is Keramimic Treatment

Hello there! For ladies with frizzy and unmanageable hair, this will be very helpful. A new article to introduce a promotion that has not been introduced for a while. Previously, we did a calculation, counting how many of our customers did this service, and the number is quite surprising.

It was around two third of all our appointments in a month. Our regulars and VIP members might know about this service but it’s time to introduce it to more people so that more people can enjoy the effect of this service.

Introducing our Keramimic Treatment, a keratin + collagen-based treatment which will have a tremendous effect on the hair. The name is very interesting too, it is made up of 2 different words - Keratin + Mimic, keramimic. This means, it is imitative of the element - keratin. An important thing to note is that although it has similar ingredients, this is not a keratin treatment.

Without going too in-depth on hair science, 90% of our hair is made up of keratin, and it is an essential protein to protect the hair from damage. And collagen is a type of structural protein that the body needs to produce keratin.

Once again, what is our hair mostly made up of? Keratin. And what does this treatment provide? Keratin + Collagen, exactly what the hair needs.

Before we discuss the effect, let’s go through a visual representation of a damaged hair that undergoes the treatment -

For this lady, she had her hair bleached entirely a couple of rounds in the past, this is actually a very beautiful light blonde but we can also see that the hair is quite lifeless, frizzy, and a little unmanageable. The hair will feel very rough too.

A healthy hair is full of keratin and collagen so the strand appears fuller, healthier, and docile. By docile, it means there are little flyaway strands and it has sufficient weight to keep the hair down without flying around.

When the hair is bleached, layers of the hair might be stripped away by the bleaching so sometimes the hair appears thinner. It’s similar to our human body, when we have a bit of muscle, we look healthier and stronger, and the same goes for the hair too.

This means, conversely, without sufficient keratin in the hair, the typical outcome will be like this, lifeless, frizzy, and unmanageable.

And after the keramimic treatment, this is what it looks like

The entire hair looks like it has hit the refresh F5 button on the keyboard, it looks entirely different. Haha.

Previously, the 3 issues are lifeless, frizzy, and unmanageable, it is not lifeless anymore as we can see the strands have gotten slightly thicker. This is because a lot of keratin + collagen has been applied and locked in each hair strand itself.

To add further, when the strand has sufficient keratin to fix all the damaged parts, it will be visibly fuller by itself, and with it being slightly heavier (extra keratin), the frizz and unmanageable issues are reduced by a lot. This is what healthy hair should look like.

With that said, this is the price -

Keramimic Treatment @ $138 (for one pax)

This is for all hair lengths, inclusive of haircut

The base of this treatment is made up of Keratin + Collagen, one of our best all-rounded treatment

Function of the treatment

As a lot of keratin + collagen will be applied and locked in the hair, this helps to reduce frizz, soften the hair by a lot, increase the manageability and vitality of the hair. If you want softer, well-managed, lesser frizz, visibly healthier hair, this is it. When the hair loses its keratin and is damaged, the most effective solution will be to replenish the keratin back in the hair. You give the hair what it needs. A very simple and effective answer to haircare.

Short FAQ

1. Is this like the keratin treatment? It is slightly similar but it’s not a keratin treatment. Keratin treatment has a stronger smoothing and straightening effect, the keramimic treatment is more focused on the softening, moisturizing, an all-rounded service, but lesser on the straightening effect.

2. So will it straighten the hair? It will, but not for long. The straightening effect is not strong.

If you are planning to do coloring, you can combine the coloring service with the keramimic treatment too. It will help to balance out the damages. Here are some of the photos that combine coloring with the treatment -

That’s about it for the treatment. I hope you enjoy the treatment as much as our customers do. To book an appt, you can call our hair studios at 6259 4631 (tiong bahru) or 6336 1476 (bugis cube), whatsapp us directly @ (whatsapp only). Stay safe and healthy! :)


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