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Japan Smoky Color series - Part 2

Smoky Rose Brown, Smoky Milky Gold, Smoky Space Blue, Smoky Milky Lavender, Smoky Ash Purple, Ash Brown, Ash Green, Sakura Red, all photos included below. And another special color - Smoky Dark Ash blue! :)

Hello there! Welcome to part 2 of this article for this color series. September has been a really fulfilling month for us because we have officially introduced our Japan Smoky Color series and it was very well-received. By far, more than a hundred ladies have tried this new color series and the appointment bookings are still coming in hot. Perhaps this is something new. Smoky Ash Purple without bleaching? I would be curious and interested too if I came across the first article. Speaking of this, if you have not read the first article, do give it a read as the origin and how it works are all in the first article, this is the link -

If you have been following us closely, you might have realized that halfway through last month, we announced that a new color was added to this color series, Rose Brown (I will attach the photo at the end of this article, together with other colors). We actually had this rose brown dye for quite a while (years) but couldn’t find any suitable groups of colors to put it together with, until now. A light bulb lights up and we made a little color modification to the color and that gives birth to the Smoky Rose Brown from this Japan Smoky Color series.

Before I continue, other than the Smoky Ash Purple from the first article, we actually took a couple of photos from another hair model volunteer to try a Smoky Dark Ash Blue. For people who have not read the first article, shall we walk through a short process of this Smoky Dark Ash Blue? To cut this short, only 3 steps.

1. Our hair model

We had quite a tough time selecting the hair model volunteer as there were too many applicants. We had some who are doing coloring for the first time in their lives and some who are our regular customers. I’m really thankful that y’all trust us enough to let us try this new color series on all of your hair. It was a fulfilling experience as all the colors turned out really well.

2. Color lifting and color application

We are using a secret japan color lifting method for this Smoky Color series. In a direct comparison with bleaching, this is a different thing where it lifts the hair level while retaining a huge part of your hair health. You get to save a lot of time because this is a rather short process, slightly over 3 hours compared to bleaching that can take up to 5 to 7 hours for a very light color. Those who did a light platinum blonde before, I know how you feel. Haha.

3. The results

After the stylist has washed the volunteer hair model’s hair, revealing the tinge of dark blue when it is wet, I knew this would turn out good. The color is so pretty to watch in real life. Most of the time I was just staring at the hair color and thinking that our stylist did it again.

Following up on the amazingly well-received Smoky Ash Purple in this color series, I hereby present to you, our Smoky Dark Ash Blue -

Lovely, right? I’m just slightly sad that the sun was playing hide and seek with us on that day so we didn’t manage to capture this color under a well-lit environment. Otherwise, the color would turn out even nicer. It’s considered quite a dark color so we’re also thankful that the shade of dark ash blue can be captured well on camera. What do you think? In direct comparison to the Smoky Ash Purple, which one do you like more?

Now let me get on to another question that I have been receiving every, how to maintain the color? A lot of you might not know this. There are actually products that contain hair dye in it and every time you use it, it helps to refresh the hair color, prolonging the fading process. It works for creative color on bleached hair and also the smoky color too. So it’s no longer a case of “I did an ash purple and it fades within 2 weeks, what a waste of money!”. Never gonna happen again if you have such a product.

Using the Smoky Dark Ash Blue hair above, you can use this Fruity Color Mask and you can choose between the 3 shades of blue masks - Blue Mix, Ash Blue or Bluish Green. Because the color is in a blue shade, you can use a color mask that is in similar shades because they are in the same umbrella of colors. Perhaps you might want the color to be ashier, you can pick the Ash Blue mask. Or if you prefer a darker blue, get the Blue Mix.

Next, I’m going to talk about the benefits of the color mask. It’s not going to be like a typical advertisement talking about how great and noble the product is, guilt-tripping and making you feel that you might regret it for the next 5 years if you don’t purchase this. It will not. Haha. My apologies, that’s how candid I am. I’m writing this because it’s genuinely a very good product. Sometimes, you introduce things not because it can earn you money, it’s because it can really help others. If you have a good product, you can talk about it proudly and sincerely. And why is that so? Because it works.

Rather than touching up the color every 2 to 3 weeks, how about you get this color mask and you can do it at home? Prevention is better than cure. If you can prevent the color from fading off completely, you can now stop spending a lot of money (and time traveling to salons) to touch up the color. That sounds really great and noble! Hahaha.

Also, this is like a combination of hair dye and a treatment mask, seriously the best of both worlds. You need the pigment dye and you need to repair your hair from the damages. There are a lot of nutrients in this color mask, such as,

  • Vitamin c (antioxidant) - protects and reduce hair damage from UV light

  • AHA - a natural hair repair agent to moisturize, prevents frizz and smoothen the hair

  • Pectin extract - increase hair smooth and shine

  • Levulose extract - enhance hair elasticity

All in all, the rapid technological advancement has provided all of us with a lot of useful products, from our stem cell repair treatment (can you imagine using stem cell to repair the hair from within? Brilliant!) to now this color mask that contains pigment dye and can help to repair the hair. Our team is very innovative so we will continue to keep up with the trends to bring you the latest beneficial products that will help you a lot. :)

Before I end, I want to thank you for reading this and regardless of you being our customer or not, you have really helped me a lot by reading until this part. Thank you so much! We’re just a small team with a lot of innovative ideas and we’re trying our best to beat the traditional way of doing things. Smoky Ash Purple without bleaching? That’s just the first few steps of our journey. We have many more creative plans in the making and I hope you will be there to take part in it too.

As mentioned above, here is the complete list of colors in the Japan Smoky Color series -

Smoky Rose Brown

Smoky Milky Gold

Smoky Milky Lavender

Smoky Space Blue

Smoky Ash Purple

Smoky Ash Purple (Dark)

Smoky Ash Brown

Smoky Sakura Red

Smoky Sakura Red (Dark)

Smoky Ash Green

Smoky Ash Green (Dark)

Smoky Copper

If you would like to understand more, you can call us at 6336 1476 or send us a message on our FB. To book an appointment, you can do the same or head to Thank you!


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