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The Truth To Why Your Hair Color Fades

Sometimes I wish the hair color could last longer too. Especially if I did a rainbow or galaxy color, the whole range of different colors are fading at the same time, watching the color getting lighter each day, it’s a little sad. Or maybe a lighter shade of a beautiful ash brown fading to the yellowish blonde. :(

Do read to the end to watch how we turn a faded hair color to a light ash color, a violet color, and a red-violet color. You'll be amazed by the light ash color. Super nice!

Hello there! In this article, we’ll talk about hair coloring and why the hair color fades. Let’s start with some truth. Unfortunately, for our Asian hair, our hair structure is not meant to retain such creative colors like ash grey or blue and purple. If you had lightened/bleached your hair, no matter what color you do, it will always fade. Even for black, although it might take slightly longer to fade.

Also, if you have very thin hair, your hair will not be able to retain pigments too and it might fade faster than a normal hair structure.

I’m keeping everything simple and easy to understand so everybody can learn something.

In simpler terms, when we dye our hair, the color pigments are stored in the hair strands. It will be kept there and well protected. However, here comes the biggest color-stealing enemy of the hair dye.


The water we use for washing our hair.

No matter how good or how famous or how powerful the dye is, when our hair is soaked with water, the hair shaft cuticle will be lifted and the water will get in. This is like not closing your window when it is raining and the rain gets into your house, making the floor wet.

It’s about the same, except that, for our hair, the window cannot be closed completely.

This means, when we wash our hair, water will get into the hair, diluting our new hair color in the process. This applies for hair that has been bleached or lightened, and a few other special colors that can be done without bleaching.

If you’re doing the normal brown or black (on a non-bleached/lightened hair), the color will stay but given time, it will slowly lose its shine and become a little dull. Overall, the shade of the color will still remain.

I’m sure most of you have heard about your stylist advising you to wash the hair with cold water to prolong the fading process. This is correct. Mainly because hot water or overly warm water will cause the hair color to fade even faster.

In this case, if you are washing your hair with cold water instead of hot/warm water, you will be prolonging the fading process. However, this might not be the best solution.

For example, if the dyes can last for 10 to 15 washes (up to 20/25 if you have a good maintenance routine), washing it every day will cause the color to fade in about 2 weeks. If you lower the frequency of washing your hair to once every 2 days, the fading process will be prolonged and now, the color will fade off completely in about 3 weeks to a month.

Here’s the question, would you rather watch it fade slowly or do something to replenish the color back to the hair? How about something better - a hair mask to repair your hair while replenishing the color pigment? Can it happen?

Yes, it can. You heard it right, yes it really can. And it's cheap too, only $30. Haha.

You might have seen this product before, it’s our Yumi Fruity Color Mask that works like a hair mask with color pigment. Which means, it helps to repair your hair while replenishing pigment back to your hair. The next best thing is, there is no ammonia. It is made from natural ingredients (mostly fruits), very healthy, very safe, and very cost-effective.

Ammonia helps the color to be better absorbed by the hair, helping it to last longer but it is also the exact chemical that has a very pungent smell and not exactly the most healthy choice for our hair.

Previously during the circuit breaker, we sold hundreds of this product alone at our online store. If you are one of our customers who bought it, thank you thank you thank you so much! Haha. We’re launching it again with free gifts. Will talk more about it below. :)

At only $30 with free delivery to your doorstep, this highly reviewed innovative product is a combination of hair mask with color pigment in it. Have you heard of products like this before? Coloring the hair without damaging it. It’s really good and very innovative.

Do read till the end because there is a very special promotion with a free gift of our Yumi Fruity Color Conditioner worth $28.

Also, there are a lot of nutrients in this color mask, such as,

  1. Vitamin c (antioxidant) - protects and reduce hair damage from UV light

  2. AHA - a natural hair repair agent to moisturize, prevents frizz and smoothen the hair

  3. Pectin extract - increase hair smooth and shine

  4. Levulose extract - enhance hair elasticity

Previously we turned her highlights to pink highlights, read more about it here or continue reading to see how we turn a hair into light ash, a violet and, a violet red.

And now, due to the huge success of this product, we looked for more volunteers to try it for free and I have 3 more really nice examples to show you! Light Ash, Violet Mix, and Red Violet (Dark Purple).

This is the Light Ash (F810) option. The color examples are for the 2 different lightness of the hair, level 6 (left), and level 8 (right). I will explain the different levels of hair at the bottom.

Level 6 is a Medium Brown color while level 8 is a Medium Blonde color. The higher the number, the lighter the hair is.



Isn’t it a very beautiful and classy shade of ash?

It is originally a light ash color but because her hair is about a level 7 to 7.5 (it looks darker and more yellowish in real life), it turned into a slight brownish ash grey instead. If it had been slightly lighter, it would have been a full ash color. But this shade is nice too, I like it! Haha.

However, if your hair is darker than hers, it will be closer to an ash brown instead, like the color sample on the level 6 (left) above. This means, if you have a faded balayage/ombre or full-length blonde/yellowish blonde/light brown, even if you don’t know how light your original color is, it will turn to either an ash brown or ashy grey or full ash after using this. The 3 choices are really good. I’m happy to have one of the 3 choices.

Next color, this is the Violet Mix (F066) option, for at least a level 7 hair (I will explain it below).

If you have a level 6 hair (Medium Brown), you can do this but it will be a shade darker. The lady's hair is not blonde, more like a lighter shade of brown so this should be quite relatable. :)



Violet is a sweet bluish-purple color that most of our customers like, even myself. The shade of this violet is very strong, slightly on the darker side. It’s good!

Moving on, I understand that I have been showing the examples on bleached/lightened hair, now, how about one on a medium brown hair?

How about a Violet Red (F646)? Dark purple?



This is one of the top colors we sold when we first launch this. People just love this color so much and I can see why. It looks a little dark on photo but it's really pretty in real life. If you're afraid that it will not be obvious, don't worry, it will be visibly obvious.

It’s a very special subtle purplish-red color. Instead of a normal color, this is a purplish-red color that can be done on a normal brown hair. Just that the darker your hair color, the darker the purple will be. It can be done on black hair too, it will be a rather dark shade of purple but you can treat it as a hair mask to improve your hair condition. The color is a bonus. :)

After all, this is originally a hair mask, you will still need a hair mask for your hair care routine, why not get something that has a dual-purpose? One that is a hair mask and has color pigment in it. Isn’t it better? Haha.

How to use this? 3 simple steps: Apply, Rub, Comb

Shampoo your hair as per normal. Towel dry it. By towel drying it, it means the hair has to be somewhat moist but not dripping wet. The hair must not be dripping water. If it is dripping water, it is too wet, and applying the color mask will dilute the color.

Towel dry it, the hair should be a little moist now. Again, squeeze out the extra moisture, make sure it’s not dripping wet. Apply the color mask on the hair. Depending on your hair length, you can apply 25% to 50% of it. If you want to, you can squeeze it out in a bowl or container first to control the amount.

While applying, grab a small bunch, with your thumb touching your 4 fingers and your hair in between, rub it slowly. Imagine the color pigment seeping into the hair cuticle and the more you rub, the deeper it goes, the longer it can last.

This is the most important part. If you’re not rubbing it, it will just be a very vague shade of the color so you have to rub it. It’s very easy, rub it from the bottom to the top but avoid the scalp area. Grab a bunch, spend 5 seconds to rub it, grab another bunch, rub it again, and repeat this process for the entire hair.

Now that you should have applied and rubbed the entire hair, take a comb and comb it evenly, just to ensure the color mask gets applied to all parts of the hair, even the inner layer. If this is the first time you’re applying, leave it for 25 mins (subsequently, you can leave it for 20 mins, or 25 if you want). Rinse it off after this and you’re done! Don’t have to wash it again, it’s a hair mask remember? Haha.

Now, I understand it is a long article but here is the really important part.

Who can use it? What kind of hair can use it?

There are different color choices meant for different hair levels. There are color choices only available for either Medium Brown (Level 6), Dark Blonde (Level 7), or Medium Blonde (Level 8). Like what I always tell my customers, the lighter your hair color, the more color choices you have.

(credits go to Madison Reed, we made some amendment to better illustrate the color)

And this is another example from Wallpaperware, they have different names for the levels of colors but the shades are similar -

Remember this, the lighter your hair color is, the better the color will show.

And, what if you have black hair? Will the color still show? If your hair is darker than the level 6 medium brown, the color is unlikely to show for level 7 and 8 color choices below but it will have a tinge of the color for level 6 colors. Just like the first example above, not only the lady's highlights turned pink, the black base color turned into a slight tinge of pink too.

Like what I mentioned above, for dark-colored hair, you can choose to use this as a treatment mask and the extra benefit will be that it provides a slight tinge of coloring too.

These are the colors available for the different hair levels:

For level 6 only:

If your hair is medium brown, you can do all these colors. If it's lighter, it's even better. The outcome will be lighter too.

For level 7 only:

If your hair is Dark Blonde (Level 7), you can do these colors. However. if your hair is a Medium Brown (level 6), you can do this too but it will be darker. It will be recommended to leave it for a slightly longer time and rub more.

For level 6 and 8:

Depending on the lightness of the hair, the outcome will be different too. The shade for level 8 will be lighter and more vibrant compared to level 6. The lighter the hair, the lighter the color too. The one on the left is for level 6 and the one on the right is for level 8.

For level 8 only:

If your hair is Medium Blonde, you can do the Pink below. However, if your hair is darker, you can use this too, just that it will be darker and will require to leave it for a longer time and more rubbing.

Depending on your hair, you can use it once or twice a week. If the color is fading quickly, you should use it twice. It really depends. If you’re always using hot water to wash the hair, the color will fade quickly. But the frequency is once or twice a week, try it once a week to see if you’re comfortable with it.

If you purchase from our online store, we will send it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the cut-off time is the previous day at 7 pm. This means, if you purchased it at 6.50 pm on Sunday, the order will be sent on Monday to our delivery drop-off point and it will take 2 to 4 days to reach you. If you purchased it at 7.10 pm on Sunday, the order will be sent on Wednesday instead. There will be a tracking code provided so you can track where your color mask is at.

My personal recommendation: If you have dark-colored hair, maybe a level 4 to 6, you can consider a red-violet color mask, use it and you will get a dark purple, something similar to our red wine dark purple color. Really nice too!

Here is the special promotion

If you buy 2 tubes at once, you will get a free tube of our Yumi Fruity Color Conditioner (worth $28). For every 2 tubes of the color mask, you get a free tube of the color conditioner. You can buy 4 and get 2 free tubes of the color conditioner, or buy 6 and get 3 free tubes. Hahaha. This promotion is currently for August only or until we have given out all the free conditioners. I will update it on the product itself over at the online store.

The color conditioner is something similar to the mask but it does not contain as much pigment as the color mask. It works like a purple shampoo to prevent the hair from turning brassy. It can be used daily like a normal conditioner.

Or you can use it together with the color mask once a week, when you squeeze the color mask onto a bowl, squeeze a portion of the color conditioner (about 10% of the tube), mix it and apply together. It will help the hair to be smoother but if you add too much, the color might be on a slightly lighter shade.

Final words: This product is really a very special product that can change people’s lives. At only $30, you get to use it multiple times. Even if you’re using 50% of the tube each time, what does that cost you? $15. You get to color your hair and improve your hair condition for $15 each time. If you’re buying 2 tubes, you get a color conditioner ($28) for free.

Sometimes, you don't sell things to make money, you sell it because you know it works and you know people needs it. At $30, with the free gift + free delivery, to be honest we're not exactly making money but I really love this product and I know more people will like it too. I can't change the world but I can change somebody's world, one world at a time. Try it and feel for yourself how amazing this product is. Haha.

If you have any questions, just send us a message on our FB, we're always here to help you! :)

And... we have come to the end of the article. Thank you for reading! We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this period. Take care! Order soon!


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