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Mix n Match Promo for June

Hello there! This is our brand new June's mix n match promotion where there is a special deal for 2pax and 3pax, and the choice to choose between 3 of our most popular services.

Every month, we have quite a number of appointment bookings that are group bookings for either 2pax or 3pax. Sometimes, our customers will introduce us to their friends and families too and asked if there is any special deal for such bookings. Here it is! This promotion is created for you. Let's dive in to the promotion.

For the mix n match June promo, there are 3 services in total, and individually, they are at $168 on its own. However, for 2pax and 3pax, here are the details -

  1. Color + Highlights

  2. Japan Smoky Color without bleach

  3. Yinyang 2-tone color without bleach

Inclusive of haircut, olaplex mini treatment and l'oreal treatment, for all hair lengths.

For 2pax, both of you can choose between the 3 services and the second pax will have a 50% off, which means, one of you can do no.1 (color + highlights) and the other one to do no. 2 (japan smoky color), or both of you can do no.1, any of the three.

2pax @ $252

For 2pax ($168 + ($168 - 50%)), it's at $126 each

And for 3pax, three of you can choose between the 3 services and the third person will be free.

3pax @ $336

For 3pax ($168 x 2), it's at $112 each

Let’s do a breakdown of each individual service to showcase more photos and to recap what the service is about.

Color + Highlights

There are many different styles of highlights that you can consider. The first thing is the highlights stripes, it can be thin like babylights, or thick, or many stripes, or lesser and subtle stripes. Here are some examples -

The highlights below are all done by bleaching, but we can do other kinds of highlights too, either by coloring or lightening if you prefer non-bleach highlights. We also have our Japanese Highlights in 7 different colors, such as the popular blue, purple or even orange. If you want to read more on the Japanese highlights, click here.

Japan Smoky Color without bleach

By far, this is our most popular coloring style which I believe is due to it not having to bleach the hair and yet it is able to achieve special colors like ash purple. This is done with a lifting, to lift the hair to a light brown, and thereafter, the color application.

Lifting is a less damaging process compared to bleaching, a healthier alternative but the tradeoff is the outcome is darker. This is like a smoky, darker version of the original intended color. To read about the entire procedure of this and the entire color choices, click here.

The ones below here are done this year (2024), it's still our most popular service due to the variety of colors that one can do without bleaching. It's nice!

Yinyang 2-tone color without bleach

This would be the most straightforward coloring style, similar to an underlight, it's the normal version of an underlight for 2 layers of coloring without bleaching. This means, you can do colors like a darker brown on the outside, lighter brown on the inside, or dark purple on the outside, and dark red on the inside. To read up more on this coloring style over here.

Other Customization

Other than the usual coloring, there are also other ways to customize the coloring further, such as a Money Piece where the streaks on the front is colored, or just the sides on the earloop, the left and right only.

The Money Piece option is a good enhancement to the highlights coloring style as not only it looks visually comfortable and appealing with the rest of the streaks, it has a face-framing effect too. The Mix n Match June promotion is a very good deal for friends to come together and have a happy hair service. If you see something that your friends might like, maybe share this to them? Haha. We look forward to seeing all of you!

To book an appointment, you can whatsapp us directly @ (whatsapp only) or call us at 6336 1476 (bugis cube) or 6259 4631 (tiong bahru).

And we have reached the end! Thank you for reading! Stay safe and healthy! :)


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