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Dark Red with Rose Brown w/o bleaching

Hello there! This is part 2 of our Yinyang 2-tone color without bleaching article where we’ll introduce 2 more combinations, Dark Red with Rose Brown and Dark Green with Bluish Green.

If you have not read part 1, I would recommend that you give part 1 a read first to understand what this coloring style is and the origin of it. Click here to read part 1.

Before we start on the introduction of the 2 combinations, this was actually two of our volunteers from our telegram group. We have a telegram group where we’ll share hair service deals at a discounted price and occasionally, we’ll look for hair volunteers within the group to try out hair services for free.

The telegram group is the only place that we will look for hair volunteers to try our services. We’ll not be posting the volunteer search on our FB or Instagram. If you’d like to join and one day be one of the volunteers to try free hair services, this is the link. Thank you!

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s begin on the coloring.

For this Yinyang 2-tone color without bleaching, it is for a direct coloring without any bleaching or lifting. However, to do a rose brown, a lifting is needed. A color lifting is not bleaching. Unlike bleaching that turns the hair into a blonde, this color lifting lifts the hair color to a light brown instead, using products that are less harmful to the hair in comparison to bleaching.

Our Japan Smoky Color series uses lifting for all the colors, to understand how lifting really works and its process, this is the link.

This is the volunteer that we have found to try out this Dark Red with Rose Brown combination.

I want to bring your attention to the current hair color. It is her natural hair color except for a bit of her previous color, which is a dark brown.

Next, for the planning process, we’ll be dividing the hair into 2 parts, the dark red (base) and the rose brown (inner).

I have mentioned in part 1 that the inner layer will be colored at a slightly higher position, giving more emphasis on the inner layer color. This is the area that will be lifted and colored with Rose Brown.

It’s quite a straightforward process so here are the next few photos to showcase the coloring.

Some of you have asked what the light brown looks like for the lifting. This is what it looks like. In short, it is a lighter shade of brown with some warm orangey tint, more like a medium honey brown. Next, we’ll be applying both colors on the hair.

Yes, I know I know, it’s not pretty. With all the red dye on the gloves, it looks like a horror scene from a movie. Haha. This is a very raw version of this coloring process, showing you what it really is, instead of what we want you to see.

The final result!

How it looks like when the inner layer is covered

Her hair is slightly naturally curvy at the ends so it shows this subtle rose brown on the inside. Really pretty!

Here's a closer look at the Rose Brown

Let us add a bit more waves to the hair and with that,

we present to you,

our version of

Dark Red with Rose Brown

It’s a beautiful combination because it all revolves around the red pigment, with the base being a subtle dark red and the inner layer with a pretty reddish-rosy-brown shade. Comfortable to look at and definitely pleasing to the eye.

Remember we have another combination? Dark Green with Bluish Green?

Without boring you too much on the entire process (as it will be the same thing as above), let’s jump straight to the outcome.

The outer layer is a dark green, the same green that we use for our full-length dark green at $78. It’s a subtle brownish-green that can be done directly without any bleaching or lifting.

And this is how the inner layer of Bluish Green looks like. As this is done without bleaching, the colors will be a dustier or a more smoky version of the original color.

This bluish green is more towards a dark ocean green where it still looks green in majority but with a slight blue tint. Less like a forest, more like an ocean.

Last but not least, on the prices, as we’re introducing our 2 new combinations, we’ll also be extending this service of the month to June.

Service of the month (May & June 2021)

Yinyang 2-tone Color Without Bleaching

At $118, for all hair lengths, for 2 different layers of color

Inclusive of haircut, olaplex mini treatment, and l’oreal treatment

The $118 would be for a direct coloring without bleaching or lifting. To add on bleaching or lifting on the inner layer, it will be at an additional $50, which is $118 + $50, in total at $168.

This means, the dark red with rose brown is at $168. Or if you prefer even lighter colors, you can opt for bleaching instead, to do colors such as blue, ash grey or ash blonde. Otherwise, if you just want to do the 2 layers without bleaching or lifting, I will attach some of the combinations below that you can consider.

Dark Purple with Copper

Dark Brown with Light Brown

Dark Green with Light Green

Dark Purple with Brown

Dark Purple with Light Copper

Light Brown with Light Green

Bluish Green with Red

And this is the end of this part 2 article of our Yinyang 2-tone color. I hope you like the Dark Red with Rose Brown, and also the Dark Green with Bluish Green. Join the telegram group too so that you will be notified immediately when we are looking for our hair volunteers. Thank you for reading! Stay safe and healthy! :)


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