Application to be a Steve V Referrer


Hello VIP members! This is a new page only for VIP members where you can sign up and be a referrer and enjoy special benefits when you refer your friends or family members to us. The entire process will be very simple, we have made it into 3 simple steps below in the form area.


Benefits of being a referrer

3 referrals - $50 off with a minimum spending of $100 (in one receipt for the referrer only)


5 referrals - 2 free services (any main + any treatment)


Main service (any main)

1) $68 color promotion (cut, color, 2 basic treatments)

2) $158 Color + Highlights (cut, color, highlights, 2 basic treatments)

3) $118 Ombre (unlimited bleaching on 50% length, 1-tone color on 50% length, nano treatment)

4) $168 Balayage (unlimited bleaching on 60% length, 1-tone color on 60% length, nano treatment)

5) $118 Rebonding (rebonding, cut, olaplex mini treatment)

6) $138 Keratin Straightening Treatment (keratin treatment, cut)


Treatment (any treatment)

1) Stem Cell Treatment

2) Bond Rebuilder Collagen Treatment

3) Olaplex Treatment

4) Easy Lisse Anti-Frizz Treatment

5) Keratin Botox Refills Treatment

6) Shiseido Scalp Treatment

7) Scalp Detox Treatment

8) Keramimic Protein Restructuring Treatment



1) The customer must not be a VIP member, no VIP discount would be given during payment in order for us to acknowledge this as one referral

2) Each referral has a validity of 6 months, within the 6 months, if no new referrals were made, the previous referrals would be voided


Example 1: Lynn the referrer referred Jane on the 1st of January and within the next 6 months (Feb to Jul), Jane did not make any referral until August. In this case, the past referrals (the one referred on 1st of Jan) will be voided as the second referral was made after 6 months. The second referral would be treated as the first in this instance.


Example 2: Lynn referred Jane on 1st of January and referred Mary on 1st of March. In this case, as the second referral is within the 6 months validity and the validity has been extended by 6 months to 1st of September


3) Rewards from the referral will not be able to be claimed on public holiday or Chinese New Year period