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What to do when your hair is so dry like grass

I have seen ladies with really damaged hair, like dry grass. Why? Lack of moisture, over-coloring, too much chemicals, etc. In order to help you better, I’m going to be extra candid with my words below.

Let’s start with the basics. I’ll skip the hair science and phrase it with simple words because it can get a little complicated. In short, our hair is like many many ropes tightly bound together and what happens when the ropes are frequently pulled or exposed to chemicals?

It gets loose, right?

So now when it’s loose, what will happen? It will definitely not be as strong and it might break easily. The same thing will happen to our hair too.

Most people will try to be extra hardworking for 2 weeks and practice good haircare for those 2 weeks. Conditioner + Hair mask, for 2 weeks. Does it work? It depends.

If the issue is a lack of moisture, it will work, because that is the function of the conditioner. The conditioner will help to nourish and lock moisture in the hair. A hair mask is like a conditioner but with a more intense effect. It is meant to provide a dramatic effect with a single use.

There’s a catch, all these products will only help the hair externally. You have to use it consistently to maintain the effect. If you stop using it, 3 days later, the hair might be back to how it was. External effect, remember?

Think about this, if the products are so good, all salons would be out of business. Haha. There will be no need for a salon treatment. But it is always good to understand how everything works, conditioner, hair mask, and even treatment. Some products are marketed in a way to sell more to the masses. It might work for some but it’s mostly marketing.

That’s exactly the reason why most people are changing their products often because it doesn’t work like how it was advertised. That happens to you too, right?

And no I’m not saying it doesn’t work at all. It works, some of the products I’m using are really good, just that the other half of what I’m using might not work like how it was advertised. After all, all of us have different hair structures. What are the odds of having a super product that works equally well for 7 billion people in this world?

On the other hand, if you are doing creative color frequently, one of such super products we have is a color pigment mask, this is really good, it’s like a combination of purple shampoo and a hair mask.

If your color has faded to blonde, this helps to replenish the color pigment back to the hair (for example, ash purple) and also act as a hair mask. Double effect. This is an example of a good product. You can purchase it and do it yourself, or do a full coloring with us. That way, we'll still survive. Ok. Enough advertising. Haha.

Back to the topic. If there’s a lack of moisture, conditioner and hair mask helps to replenish the moisture back to the hair. Now, what if the hair is damaged? I mean, really damaged, it breaks easily and the texture feels really rough. This is an obvious sign that your ropes are loose.

You will need a repair treatment. Not just any treatment, you need a repair treatment with the function to solely repair the hair, not hydrating, not smoothing, a repair treatment. Something to tighten the ropes and make it strong again.

Why repair treatment in specific? Perhaps let me give a more relevant example, would you eat cough medicine if you have flu? You wouldn’t, right? The same applies too. Repair treatment is for damaged hair with loose ropes.

What is the repair treatment?

We have 3 different repair treatments - Olaplex Full Repair Treatment, Bond Rebuilder Collagen Treatment, and Stem Cell Treatment. I’ll explain the first 2 below.

If you have heard of olaplex but not sure what exactly that is, let me explain it below. It's originally a 3-step system mainly for hair repair with 2 in-salon product and 1 home-use product, in the name of No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 (they have launched 4 more products, up to no.7 since but mostly home-use products). It's formulated with Olaplex's patented bond-building chemistry to strengthen hair, alongside other ingredients to hydrate and boost shine.

It's different from a normal hair mask where the effects are temporary, washed off within 3 to 4 washes, olaplex is a different thing.

It's a system that permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process. In other words, it tightens your ropes and makes it strong again.

And for the Bond Rebuilder Collagen Treatment, it has the same function as Olaplex too but a slight difference is, it contains collagen too so it also smoothens the hair slightly. But the main function of this collagen treatment is still to repair the hair.

It also contains biomimetic quaternized keratin, an active ingredient that intelligently restructures damaged hair, in a way that is proportionate to the level of damage. In simpler terms, if the hair is very damaged, you might wish to consider the collagen treatment due to the active ingredient to detect and resolve the damages according to how damaged it is.

And here comes the good thing...

For this month (March 2020), both treatments are at $68 instead of the usual $88. For all lengths. We have customers doing bright colors that require a lot of bleaching and without a good haircare routine, what comes next?

The dry grass and easily-breakable hair. This is the exact reason why we’re bringing back our $88 in-house treatments and making it $68. For my customers who read my articles often, you know I prioritize hair health above having fancy colors.

There are other treatments too at $68, I’ll put the link below to our FB post or you can click here too.

If you need any help with your hair issue, you know where to find us. Just head to our fb page and send us a message. Or if you have booked an appointment with us on our website, you should have my number. Send me a message. Ask me anything, hair loss, hair care routine, hair maintenance. I’m always here to help you!

To book an appointment, head to the appointment tab above, or call us at 6336 1476. :)


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