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Thinning Hair: The Insider Info Nobody Told You About

To be honest, actually, there are a lot of reasons why the hair makes such a big decision to leave its home sweet home. It can be due to the wrong usage of products, overexposure to chemicals, a lack of nutrients or vitamins, aging, lifestyle, or even hereditary.

And usually, most people don’t understand it enough and try to self-diagnose it by purchasing products over the counter with hopes of improving it. Did you do that too?

Well, I did. But I learned from it. Haha. Everybody makes mistakes, right? The important thing is, what have you learned from this?

Sometimes, it gets a little frustrating to see no improvement so we keep on buying different products to try. This is wrong. Different products have a different chemical composition and changing products very regularly will cause the scalp to feel stress as it has to get used to the new chemical after such a short time.

Some products dry up the scalp so it has to produce extra sebum (oil) to balance out and if you change the product to another different product, in the short run, the scalp wouldn’t get used to it and continue producing the same amount of extra oil. What does that tell you? Oily scalp, right?

You bought new products to resolve the issue but it brought you more issues instead. Haha.

Before I start with the info, let’s talk about one big fact. If your thinning hair or hair loss is due to hereditary, unfortunately, in the world of science, there is no cure for it. It is written in the DNA that this will happen, eventually. However, how quickly or how slowly it takes to happen, it depends on you.

If it is due to issues like a wrong usage of the product, overexposure to chemicals, a lack of nutrients or vitamins, aging, or lifestyle, this will be a lot easier to resolve. It just requires discipline. It’s that simple. With that, let’s get into my first info.

This will be a rather long and real beneficial article as I’m spending a lot of effort into writing this, just to provide more help to you, my wonderful reader. I would recommend that you read finish if you’re really serious about resolving the thinning hair issue. We’re in this together! Let me help you. :)

One. Are you eating what you want or what you actually need?

There is a big difference. Everybody loves ice cream and deep-fried crunchy food but is that good for the body? Is that what the body needs? I’m sure you have the answer to that.

Maybe let me give a more relatable example. When we’re young, how do we grow as a baby? We grow by drinking milk, it provides all the nutrients and vitamins the body needs to grow.

The body grows from within, the bones getting stronger and bigger from within. You don’t apply milk on the skin and expect the baby to grow. It doesn’t work that way. Haha.

Even if you’re using the most expensive product in the world, if the hair is lacking the basic nutrients, it will not grow well, regardless of your hair product being $1 or $1000. And from where do we obtain the basic nutrients for our hair? From the food you eat every day.

But wait, I’m not saying applying products on the scalp does not work, I’m not saying that, I will touch on this later. Let’s continue with this first point.

Your habits decide how your body and scalp will function. If the hair is shedding because it is not getting enough nutrients, and by not eating the right food, it will still continue to shed because nothing has changed.

This is important. The hair needs a combination of vitamins, the more important ones are vitamin A, B-vitamins, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron, and Protein. To save your time, I will list the important food I have been personally recommending to my customers, and they have personally told me that because of this diet change, they have a lot more baby hairs.

Eggs - Protein, Biotin, Vitamin A, Iron, Vitamin D

(best food for hair loss, but eat at most 2 a day, cholesterol yo)

Salmon - Omega-3, Protein, B-vitamins, Iron, Vitamin A

(second best food, omega-3 reduce hair loss + increase hair density)

Carrots - Vitamin A, B-vitamins, Zinc, Iron, Protein

(all-rounded food as it contains a lot of many different nutrients)

Soybeans - Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B6

(helps to prolong hair shedding process and promote hair growth)

Sweet Potato - Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium

(high in vit. A, encourages regrowth of thinning hair)

Grapes - Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Iron

(high in water, helps to detoxify the body, prevent hair fall)

The body needs nutrients to send it to the hair cells that will act as the fuel for the baby hair to form and grow stronger. You have to eat the food above every day, if not, every few days, to see some improvements. It has to be done.

If you have not been eating right and expect the hair to grow just because you bought an expensive $1000 product, you might have to read this article again from the top. You have to do something different in order to achieve a different result. Now, let’s proceed to the second insider info.

Yes, I know, it’s a long article and it’s taking a long time to read. But it beats being hairless for the rest of your life. Which one is even longer? Haha. You can do it! It’s the second point now. :)

Two. Is the environment good enough for the hair to grow?

By environment, I’m referring to your scalp. Not your room. Please don't intentionally install aircon to create a better room environment and bill it to me. Haha. It's your scalp I'm referring to.

I always compare the hair and scalp to grass and soil. It’s somewhat similar and easier to relate to. Now imagine, if I were to cover an area of the soil with a carpet, now it is pressing on top of the patch of grass below, covering it completely, preventing it from getting sunlight or the space to grow.

Would it grow well? It will become yellow and die eventually, right?

And what will happen to this patch of grass? It will become a dead patch of land with no living grass in it as it is not allowed to grow well after being covered.

The same happens to our hair too. Sometimes, due to oily scalp, or even dandruff, the scalp gets clogged by oil or the dandruff flakes or dead skin. In this situation, how do you expect the hair to grow well? It can’t as it does not have the right environment to grow healthily.

In this situation, depending on your scalp condition, if it’s just a mild oily or dandruff issue, using a shampoo for oily/dandruff condition should help plus more intake of vitamin A food (carrots, salmon, sweet potato, eggs, or google ‘food high in vitamin A’).

On a side note, just for your extra knowledge, if you color your hair often, using dandruff/scalp shampoo will cause the color to fade a lot quicker. Either you do a darker color or avoid coloring until the scalp condition is improved.

But what if the scalp condition is not mild? That’s not difficult. It would be useful to get a scalp treatment or a good scalp shampoo to give the scalp a deep cleanse. This is extremely important. Only when the scalp is unclogged will then allow the hair to grow well and fast.

If you need it, we have a Scalp Detox Treatment, just send us a message and talk to us~

The scalp treatment will get rid of whatever that is on the surface of the scalp, getting rid of the obstacles that are blocking the hair from growing. It can be the impurities, dirt, germs, or the extra accumulated oil. Once there are no more obstacles, the hair can begin to grow and live happily ever after. Wait, that sounds weird. Nevermind, you get the point. Haha.

Moving on, this is the final info.

See, you made it! It’s the last one. Have you learned something today? If so, it pays for being patient. Thank you! You are amazing! Next! :)

Three. The consistent last step to reach the goal that we want.

I mentioned earlier that if you’re not eating right, it wouldn’t be helpful even if you’re using a $1000 product. That is right. I stand by what I said. I shall explain what is the role of using products here.

In this hair growing process, about 80% of it comes from eating right, for the body to have the nutrients to build a lot of baby hair and giving it the strength to grow (point 1). Before this 80% can happen, the scalp has to be of a right and good condition (point 2).

If you have a decent primary school calculation skill like me, the remaining 20% is this -

Let’s go back to the soil and grass example. If we now have a good and fertile land with fertilizer in it, and we have some baby grass in the soil, there will only be one thing lacking. Water. The soil needs to be watered occasionally and consistently. This is the role that Product plays, the final 20% to make this a 100%.

Now that you understand how everything works with numbers and examples, you should understand why I said there is no use buying a $1000 product. Because the bulk of the hair growth comes from the nutrients that food provides, in a clean scalp environment.

If you feel enlightened now and floating in the air, and wanting to do something to improve your new hair growing hobby, we have 1 highly recommended product from our salon with very positive reviews that have helped a lot of customers to resolve their thinning hair problems.

If you already have some products that you think are useful, continue to use it. The product below is just for people who might not know what is good and useful for their scalp. If you already have your own and it’s working well for you, use it, keep to it, otherwise, do consider the product below.

Rebalancing Tonic, from Alfaparf Milano (Italy)

At $68, at our online store with free delivery to your doorstep, this 100ml ultra-premium hair tonic has multiple functions. It reduces dandruff, reduces greasiness and it strengthens the hair at the same time. A great boost to the baby hair and a great push for it to grow well, healthy, and strong.

It has an active natural ingredient - Black Tea, an antioxidant that soothes irritated skin, boosts the skin’s follicle activity, and gives the hair new energy. Also, it has a blend of antimicrobial ingredients to prevent dandruff and oily scalp.

How to use? Like a normal hair tonic, dispense directly on the scalp and massage it lightly. It has a very nice and pleasant smell to it so after applying, your scalp smells good and refreshed.

Result from their website

87% of participants report a reduction in dandruff from the first application

93% of participants report a reduction in sebum from the first application

It’s one of our top selling products at our hair studio, a very good and premium product, and I use it myself too. Disclaimer, I didn't get this for free, I paid for it because I know it is worth it, and now, using this to help others in return. It works, for both male and female. Otherwise, I won’t be including it in this article. Haha. Why take this risk?

Links to our online store:

Tonic: Click here

Final words

You have reached the end of this article. Congratulations! I hope you learn something from this and make some changes to your everyday habits. Change your habits, change your life. It helps to look younger and more attractive.

Stay away from fried and fatty food and make some changes in your diet to include the food I mentioned above. The hair needs to have nutrients to grow well. To do a short recap, the first advice is to eat well as it forms 80% of how well your hair will grow, the second advice is to get a clean and unclogged scalp so that the hair will have a nice and healthy environment to grow well, and lastly, the last advice is to have a good product so that it acts as the water to the plant, the consistent watering makes the plant grow strong and healthy.

It takes effort to maintain strong and healthy hair. It takes some time to do it too. Nothing comes easy. Reading until here, now it’s up to you to decide if you want to do something to it. Or would you rather choose to leave it because it’s too troublesome?

An encouragement from my heart. You can do it! It might take a while but the effort will be worth it once you see the baby hair growing. Such happiness is priceless and it is the result of your effort. Once again, you can do it!

One last quote to end this article.

It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs.

Jillian Michaels


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