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The Real Vitamin Our Hair Needs

Since Vitamin is good for us, should we be eating as much as we can? There are drinks with 1000mg of a specific vitamin. It seems to be good for me. Is it… not?

Hello! My name is Zell. In this article, we’re going to discuss about vitamins. In total, there are 13 vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D, E and K). So many and so confusing. All of it seems to be doing something good for the body but which one, in particular, do our hair needs the most?

Most of us only know Vitamin C as it seems to be the most important one of all. When you’re sick, eat more vitamin c food. When you want to lighten your skin, eat more vitamin c food. If you have a wound, guess what, eat more vitamin c food! Looks like whatever problem you have, big or small, by eating more vitamin c food, it can be resolved. I don’t have enough money every month. I shall start eating more vitamin c food to resolve my income problem. Hahaha. Just kidding! How wonderful if money grew on trees, like oranges.

Let’s discuss a few of them for this article and save the rest for another article -

Vitamin C

Like what was mentioned above, it resolves income problem in my alternate reality, haha, it helps to repair the wound faster, it lightens the skin and helps to fight off infections. Vitamin C helps to produce collagen that keeps the skin tissues and cells intact and firm, while also providing it with moisture so that it stays smooth and gleaming.

Collagen is an important part of hair structure so with this, we can easily form a link. No collagen equals bad skin and hair. Also, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps the body to absorb iron, a mineral necessary for hair growth.

Source of Vitamin C

Oranges, apples, blueberries, kiwis, lemons, strawberries, seriously too many to mention.

Vitamin D

Do you know other than the sun, we can get Vitamin D from food sources too? This is good news for people who don’t like too much sun exposure (like myself *cough*). Because low levels of Vitamin D are linked to a hair loss problem, alopecia, which causes hair to fall out in round patches.

It also helps to play a role in hair growth as research shows that vitamin D may help create new hair follicles. Hair follicles are the littles pores where new hair can grow. With new hair follicles, this may improve the thickness of the hair or reduce the amount of hair loss. This means, if you want a thick lion’s mane, get more sunlight or eat the food below.

Source of Vitamin D

Salmons, portobello mushrooms, egg yolks, swiss cheese, oysters

Vitamin A

By far, Vitamin A is the most important of the 3 because all cells need vitamin A for growth. You can have an abundance of vitamin C and D but without A, you can be assured to also receive an abundance of resignation letters from some of your cells in the body because they decided to stop working.

In our of our previous article, I wrote that a medium sweet potato contains enough beta-carotene to provide more than 4 times your daily vitamin A needs. It’s actually quite easy to get the daily required amount. Otherwise, for diets deficit in vitamin A, it may lead to hair loss problems.

We need money to survive as much as our body cells need vitamin A to survive. See the importance?

Source of Vitamin A

Sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, eggs, salmon, watermelon, papaya

In conclusion, each of our body parts will require different or multiple vitamins to work well and as such, there is no one single real vitamin that the hair needs. That’s why we need to eat different food for each meal. Although rice has multiple vitamins (brown rice), we can’t be just eating rice alone, it’s not enough.

This thought alone is kind of scary. I can’t imagine myself eating rice alone without any other food. Thank god we need other vitamins to survive. Haha. This is part 1 of this topic, I will be touching primarily on the absence and overdose of the different vitamins on the next part. One example, too much Vitamin E might lead to possible increased incidences of congestive heart failure.

If you need any help with your hair issue, you know where to find us. Just head to our fb page and send us a message. Or if you have booked an appointment with us on our website, you should have my number. Send me a message. Ask me anything, hair loss, hair care routine, hair maintenance. I’m always here to help you! :)


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