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The Evil Side of Vitamins

I’m sure you don’t know about this, too much of Vitamin B3 causes liver damage. And you thought vitamins are good for health? It is… but not too much.

Hello! My name is Zell. Previously, we talked about the real vitamin that our hair needs and we need a combination of different vitamins for all our body parts to function properly. We need vitamins, our hair needs vitamins but it is a must but it has to be consumed in moderation. For this article, let’s talk about what if we consume too much vitamin and its repercussions. I will talk about the 2 serious ones (A & B3) and 1 common vitamin (C ).

We have been hearing that this vitamin has this benefit and that vitamin has that benefit but have we really know enough to start consuming the various vitamins regularly? I have a friend who buys supplements to eat every morning but when I ask her why she bought it, she said -

Oh, the promoter said it helps to protect the eyes from night blindness and it supports bone health too.

I proceed to ask further if the promoter told her about the overdose of vitamin A and if she knows how much microgram (mcg) is considered too much. From her reaction, she did not know about this. Do you? Read further if you would like to learn something new about vitamins.

Vitamin A

All the body cells need vitamin A to grow so you need to consume this at the highest priority. Luckily for us, a lot of our everyday food contains vitamin A.

How much vitamin A do we need a day? Women need about 700 mcg and 900 mcg for men.

Effect of overdose? Hypervitaminosis A. What is that?

Hypervitaminosis A, also known as vitamin A toxicity, develops when a person has too much vitamin A in their body. The symptoms are drowsiness, nausea, abdominal pain, pressure on the brain, vomiting, jaundice, respiratory infection and more.

For better reference, a large 180g sweet potato contains more than 1700 mcg of vitamin A. This one piece of large sweet potato alone already exceeded the daily requirement by more than 2 times for women and 1.88 times for men. If you have friends who love sweet potato, I would suggest that you show them this article.


Sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, eggs, salmon, watermelon, papaya

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is extremely important, especially in this period where cases of coronavirus are rising. This vitamin is very versatile as it can fight infection as well as lighten our skin and it is easily accessible too. Just grab one orange juice from any supermarket and you will get more than half of your daily required vitamin C, how convenient is that?

How much vitamin C we need a day? Women need about 75 mg and 90 mg for men.

*mg stands for milligram, 1mg = 1000 mcg

Effect of overdose? Thankfully, none. Vitamin C is water-soluble, so any excess will be passed out as urine rather than stored in the body. However, although unlikely, if you consume more than 2000mg of it in a day, it might cause diarrhea or nausea.

100g of orange(s) will have about 50 mg of vitamin c. To consume 2000mg of it, you have to probably eat more than 3 kilograms of oranges. I can almost guarantee that you will be dreaming about oranges for the next 7 nights. It sounds really scary. I don’t think you want to be dreaming of that.

Wow. Seriously.


Oranges?! Apples, blueberries, kiwis, lemons, strawberries, seriously too many to mention.

Vitamin B3 Niacin

There is an umbrella of B vitamins with different functions, ranging from B1 (Thiamin) to B12 (Cobalamin). The one I’m talking about now is Vitamin B3 Niacin, it helps with energy production and it also helps to keep the skin, nervous system and digestive system working well and healthy.

How much vitamin B3 we need a day? Women need about 14 mg and 16 mg for men.

Effect of overdose? Liver damage, in excess of more than 2g (2000mg) a day continuously for days. Niacin is usually used as a treatment for high cholesterol, to be given doses of about 1000mg to 2000mg a day. If you are receiving treatment for high cholesterol, do listen to your doctor and stick to the required dosage and not to eat above or below the required dosage. Other than that, it will be rather difficult to eat more than 2g of niacin with our daily food.

85 grams of cooked chicken breast has about 11.4 mg of niacin and one medium avocado has about 3.5 mg of niacin. With the previous orange example, you have to eat more than 570 avocados to hit the 2000 mg limit. Again, you don’t really want to dream of avocado, do you? Haha.


Chicken, fish, eggs, avocado, mushrooms

There are also other dietary allowances from other vitamins, such as 1.2mg of Vitamin B1 (excess of it causes drowsiness), 1.7 mg of vitamin B6 (excess of it causes nerve damage), 120 mcg of vitamin E (excess of it will increase the rate of congestive heart failure).

In conclusion, although it’s quite difficult to eat the above vitamins in excess but if you are consuming supplements daily, without proper instructions, there is a possibility that you might accidentally consume in excess. There are vitamin C tablets that provide 1000mg of vitamin C per tablet and it only takes 2 of it to reach the 2000mg limit.

I write such articles to keep my friends and family members safe. And to keep you safe too! With an increase in retail convenience, you can get stuff from anywhere but sometimes it does not come with detailed instructions. I’m a detailed person and I prefer to learn about it thoroughly before committing to it. I hope you learn something new! And I also hope you don’t ever dream of oranges too! Hahaha.

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