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The BIGGEST issue About Dandruff & Colored Hair

You know, what you eat every day affects everything, your looks, your hair, your weight and it can even control scalp issues. Like people, food can be either a blessing or a lesson. If you eat a diet high in trans fat, what do you think will happen?

Hello there! In this article, we’ll talk about dandruff again. I have written an article about dandruff before, talking about what dandruff really is what causes it. Will link it below after this paragraph. Let’s talk a little deeper about dandruff and explore some myths of dandruff too.

If you have not read the previous article on dandruff, click here. It has the basics of dandruff, what causes dandruff, and what vitamin to eat to reduce dandruff.

Let’s first talk about coloring. Having suffered from decades of dandruff, I have encountered this myself. Whenever I colored my hair and I use my regular dandruff shampoo for daily washing, I find that the color fades really quickly. That happened to some of our customers too.

This is because for such shampoo, even for the ones for the scalp care, it contains chemicals specifically to treat dandruff or scalp condition and are not exactly color-friendly. Even for rebonded/permed hair too, the same thing happened. It didn’t last long.

Why didn't it last long? :(

Initially, I thought perhaps it might be due to the rebonding/perming chemicals being not strong enough for my hair type but it’s a little too coincidental to keep happening again and again. Thereafter, I found out that how long the chemical service can last is actually mostly based on how each of us individually maintains the hair.

After that, I did some experimenting and finally decided on a non-sulfate shampoo that is suitable for all chemical services and will not cause my dandruff issue to flare up. However, for my dandruff issue, I have to use a strong dandruff shampoo once a week to control it.

Does it reduce the length of how long my rebonded/permed hair can last? Yes, probably a little but this is the best option that I have experimented with. Just remember not to use a dandruff shampoo daily, it is not suitable for chemical services (color/rebond/perm). However, there are also dandruff shampoos that are said to be color-friendly. I have not tried that myself but you can experiment with it and see if it is suitable.

I know it might sometimes be confusing whether you have just a dry scalp or a dandruff issue. It’s not difficult. For dry scalp, the issue is a lack of moisture, use a gentle shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner. If it is indeed a dry scalp issue, the flakes should disappear once you have replenished the moisture to the hair.

It is usually our everyday habits that cause all the hair or scalp problems. For example, you might be using a styling product everyday and over time, it causes a build-up on the scalp and that will clog the scalp, preventing the sebum to regulate properly. With the product build-up and clogging of the scalp, there will be consequences. Dandruff.

Very often, we might want to try some home remedy or google for a solution but there is a risk of it causing more harm than good instead.

Another example, if you just have a dry scalp but purchased a clarifying shampoo over the counter, thinking that it will resolve the dandruff issue, it will not. This will dry out the scalp even further and bring about more issues, dry hair, brittle hair, etc, and eventually suffering from the consequences. Again, dandruff.

It is known that diets that are high in trans or saturated fats can cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Trans fats: Deep-fried food, chocolate, fast food, cake, pastries, etc

Saturated fats: Fatty meat, butter, full cream dairy product, poultry skin, etc

What does this tell us?

It’s quite simple. Prevention is better than cure. To prevent a clogged scalp or an overactive oily scalp (that eventually leads to having scalp issue/dandruff), it is best to cut down trans fats and saturated fats.

In conclusion, one sad thing about having dandruff is, if you are prone to dandruff, it is likely that you will continue to suffer from this from time to time unless you fix your diet or habits. Unfortunately, no cure has been found for dandruff yet but it can be controlled.

For the early stages or mild dandruff condition, what you eat is extremely important. Avoid the 2 fats above and incorporate more fruits and vegetables that contain zinc and the B vitamins. I wrote 3 articles on food, you will be able to find it easily.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. Having dandruff might bring a lot of embarrassment, all the flaking, but you can control it. With discipline in what you eat, it can be done. Otherwise, the same advice as to the previous dandruff article, look for a good dermatologist.

If you need any help with your hair issue, you know where to find us. Just head to our fb page and send us a message. Or if you have booked an appointment with us on our website, you should have my number. Send me a message. Ask me anything, hair loss, hair care routine, hair maintenance. I’m always here to help you! :)

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