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June 2022 Promotion

Hello there! If you came from our FB post and wanted to know more about this June 2022 promotion, we will be exploring more of it over here in greater detail.

This June promotion is a special one because it can be used in various ways but before that, let me list down what it is first -

Service of the month (Jun 2022)

Color Pigment Shampoo + Fruity Color Mask @ $68

A free hair coloring is included too, one tone color on the entire hair without bleaching

The 2 products above with many color choices. I will talk more about the product below.

How it works is, if you're covering your grey hair, you can purchase this and opt for a black/dark brown coloring. And for our color mask, we have a color mask for black, and shampoo for brown. Or if you're just interested in doing a normal brown, you can get a brown-related shampoo/mask too. This is one of the ways you can make use of this promotion.

Or if your hair is currently bleached, whether it's full length or partial, and you want to refresh the hair color, you can get this too. For example, you can do a purple coloring, and opt for a purple shampoo and mask. Both products will help you to maintain the purple hair color, and I think it's good.

On a side note, our 1 tone color without bleaching is at $68, so if we look at it from this reversed perspective, you're getting both products for free, at no cost. You will have to book an appointment for the coloring. Or if you just want the product only and not the free coloring, you can just drop by our branches to purchase the product.

Or if you're interested in doing another coloring style, for example, our color + highlights at $158, let us know that you're taking up this promotion, you will just need to top up the difference of $90 ($158 - $68). You still pay for the color + highlights at $158 but now it comes with the 2 products. Another example, maybe you're interested in doing the Japan Smoky Color instead, Smoky Rose Brown at $168, you'll top up another $100 ($168 - $68), and it comes with the 2 products. This only applies to our coloring services with a base color.

You might be thinking, this is fishy, why are we doing this? Is the product going to expire? Haha.

No, it's not going to expire anytime soon, it's a new batch actually, that can be used for 2 to 3 years in the right storing condition.

This is our own product, the picture below, you can see it has our brand name, Steve V. We used to be using this similar product but thereafter, with our experience after using for years, we worked with the manufacturer to rebrand it with a new look with smaller packaging so that it is more user friendly.

So when you have a good product and you know this is going to work well and people will like it, what should you do to get people to try it and experience the goodness for themselves? You will create a good deal coupled with the products, right? But money doesn't grow on trees, this is similar to free products, won't we be losing money?

To be honest. Definitely, we will, no doubt about this. However, when you have great faith in a product and believe deeply it's going to help people, trust me, you will do the same too. Haha.

Now that we have gotten the most important question out of the way, let's talk more about the products. In short, both the shampoo and mask have color pigment in it, this means it will help to replenish the color back to the hair. Usually, when you wash the hair, when water gets into the hair cuticle, it causes the hair color to fade. When the shampoo/mask contains color pigment in it, it helps to prolong the fading process.

Steve V Fruity Color Mask

A 200ml bottle of goodness, like a hair mask with color pigment added, the best of both worlds, with the ingredients mainly from fruits.

Also, there are a lot of nutrients in this color mask, such as,

💁 Vitamin c (antioxidant) - protects and reduces hair damage from UV light

💁 AHA - a natural hair repair agent to moisturize, prevents frizz, and smoothen the hair

💁 Pectin extract - increase hair smooth and shine

💁 Levulose extract - enhance hair elasticity

An example of how it works on highlighted hair to turn it into pink highlights

Available colors (we'll help you to pick the color suitable for you)

Light Ash (810), Ash Pink (815), Ash Violet (816), Ash Blonde (817), Ash Blue (818), Blue Green (828), Green Blonde (838), Ash Gold (613), Matt Blonde (620), Gold Blonde (647), Copper (640), Copper Red (645), Red Violet (646), Pink (865), Red (045), Ash (011), Violet (066), Blue (088), Black (033)

Steve V Color Pigment Shampoo

The difference between this and a color shampoo or a purple shampoo is that our pigment shampoo has actual pigment inside to be deposited into the hair cuticle in order for the color to last longer. This is a very good product with premium Chinese and Japanese ingredients too.

3 key ingredients -

💁 Argania spinosa kernel oil, aka argan oil, for moisturizing the hair and preventing coloring damage

💁 Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) flower extract, rich in antioxidants to help improve dry or brittle hair

💁 Polygonum multiflorum, aka He Shou Wu, used in TCM to strengthen the hair

Available colors (we'll help you to pick the color suitable for you)

Rose Gold, Rose Blue, Rose Pink, Rose Violet, Rose Red, Garnet Purple, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Ash Grey, Ash Brown, Ash Green, and Coffee Brown

You don't have to worry about which color to choose, we will assist with this. For product usage, we will assist and teach you how to use it too. For the appointment booking on our website, just indicate the service that you're doing and let us know on the day itself you're taking up this promotion. Just in case, for VIP members, do take note that our service of the month is not valid for VIP discount.

That's about it! Thank you for reading! Just send us a message on FB if you have any questions, I'm always here to help you! Stay safe and healthy! :)


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