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Jennie Light VS Fringe Highlight

Hello there! We’re near the end of the year, welcoming Christmas soon and also the start of a new year. Usually, we’ll be doing a heavier creative coloring style near the end of the year too, this year is no exception. I like this a lot, and I hope you will like it too! :)

Introducing Money Piece, the fringe light (fringe highlight) that was made popular by Jennie (Blackpink), some call it Jennie Light too. More photos of her money piece style below.

How you like that ~

Also called Face Framing Highlight as the 2 streaks of hair that covers the side contour of the face, framing it and making the face look smaller. Look at the effect above, it looks so nice! However, most of the western world calls it Money Piece instead.

Ok, I see the question mark on top of your head. I was confused too. What’s with the name? Haha. I did a search and found out that the reason is quite interesting.

It was called Money Piece because of the money-saving aspect and the little effort it requires to create these 2 streaks of hair. Interesting!

Since this is considered a highlight style, how about we combine this with an overall highlight? Sounds like a good idea.

As usual, we look for 2 hair volunteers to try this service for free over at our telegram group before introducing this as a promotion, if you have not joined our telegram group yet, here’s the link.

We did 2 colors on our hair volunteers, Purple and Ash Brown. Let’s start with purple. To keep the process brief, basically what will happen is the lightening/bleaching on the fringe and whole hair highlight will be done first, followed by the darker base color and it ends with toning of the fringe and highlights.

This is the hair before we start, the lower ends are slightly lighter but no issues with this as we will dye a darker base while having a lighter color for the highlight and money piece.

Some might ask, how much of the fringe do you need? It depends on the hair actually, maybe around 1 to 3 inches? If you lightened too much of the hair, the framing effect will be lesser too.

For the style of whole hair highlight, this can be discussed, we can do babylight if you’d like a more blending highlight or a classic style, or we can even do a more distinctive highlight (more on this on the second hair volunteer).

The entire process is quite tedious and complicated, honestly it's a lot of hard work, and with all the foiling and hair segregation, you might also look like some alien for a couple of hours. Haha. But it will be worth it when you see the outcome.

Let’s go straight to the outcome, shall we?

We’ll take a look at the straight version first. Most of the time the hair looks nice because of the curls but for this color, this is the raw, straight version of it.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

It looks a bit pink-ish in the photo but it’s actually purplish and slightly darker in real life. The afternoon sunlight made it slightly lighter in photos. Now, here’s the one when we style it.

Remember I said we did the highlights to be more blending with the base color? This is why on photos it will look very natural and very comfortable to look at as the colors blend into each other well.

Imagine the wind blowing on the front and the money piece part flowed backward, just imagine the contrast of both the money piece and the base color and the beauty of it, this is so pretty!

To continue on this beautiful and positive note, we have a second hair volunteer doing ash brown, the process will be the same so we’ll go straight to the outcome instead -

We had intended for a darker shade of ash brown but halfway through, it looks so much nicer on her for light colors so we just tone it slightly ashy instead of the original dark ash brown color. And it was a good decision made, the outcome is really good!

Remember I said above that we did a different kind of highlight? For this, our concept is to focus on the contrast of it by making both the money piece and highlight pop from the base color. The distance between each highlight streak is further away, like distinct 3D highlights.

That's all for the 2 hair volunteers, it was an enjoyable day filming both of their hair, thank you! If you would like to take part in our next hair volunteering session, do remember to join our telegram group! :)

Other than these 2, we have 2 more colors to showcase, grey and classic blonde -

In short, you can choose to do any color of your liking, be it blonde, red, purple, or blue, or ash blue? With that, this is our promotion for December -

Service of the month (December 2021)

Color + Highlights + Fringe Light (Money Piece) at $158

Includes the dark base color, and also the bleaching/lightening + 1 color for the Fringe Light and Highlights, also includes haircut and olaplex mini treatment + l’oreal treatment

To book an appointment, you can call our hair studios at 6259 4631 (tiong bahru) or 6336 1476 (bugis cube), whatsapp us directly @ (whatsapp only) or head to our website, .

That’s about it! This coloring style is really special as it not only gives you a nice color, it helps your face to look smaller too because of the framing effect. Hope you like it! Take care, and stay safe and healthy!


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