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Japanese Classic Highlights

Hello there! Highlights have always been one of our best and most popular services. There is a lot of variations that we can play with. Thick streaks, thin streaks, ash highlights. light blonde highlights, ash purple babylights with money piece, etc. So many choices to choose from! This time round, we are going to focus on classic highlights but all forms of highlights are under this promotion. Enjoy~~

To do a recap on our past highlights innovation, a couple of years back, we first started with our Japan Autumn Highlights and introduced 3 new types of highlighting styles in Ash Blonde. Fringe Lights, Surface Lights, and See-through Lights.

Fringe Lights

The highlights are done mainly on the fringe area by the side of the hair. More prominent on the front. The hair looks bluish mainly because of the evening light.

Surface Lights

As the name goes, for such highlights, it is only done on the surface of the hair with mostly thinner streaks and a couple of slightly thicker streaks. For the bulk of the hair, it is still the base color so this would lean more on the quieter aspect. Not too much but enough to see something different. Sometimes, less is more! This is our previous hair volunteer, still feeling thankful for the nice photos that she sent to us to show her beautiful highlights.

See-through Lights

Mostly about seeing through the different layers of highlights from our naked eyes. It has multiple depths to it as both the surface and the layer underneath have highlights. More of a 3D highlight as you can see many many tiny streaks of light on different layers of the hair. But despite the complexity of the highlights style, it still blends very well and very comfortable to look at.

Thereafter, we had our money piece highlights last year where we combine our highlights style with the additional money piece style on the fringe. Money piece is the name of the coloring style where the 2 parts of the fringe area is colored. This is not part of highlights but rather an additional add-on.

And last year, we introduced 7 different colors and highlights combination in different styles, all done from our Fruity Color Pigment Mask, which means the ingredients are mostly natural, made from fruits, and containing hair vitamins. Moving on, these are our Japanese Autumn Highlights with 7 different colors.

This time round, we're focusing on the classic style, whether you want it in babylights, thick stripes, or a mixture of both. We can do that. As long as it is part of the highlights style, which means lightened streaks from roots to the end, with a normal darker base color, we can do that and customize your desired highlights whether it is thick or thin. For the highlights

Let's explore a few examples!

This is a lighter Blonde highlights with equal proportion of highlights. You can see the stripes are very equally distributed, giving the highlights plenty of room to shine on their own!

Or if you prefer something that is more blending, or more subtle and natural. We have those too.

You can have thinner babylight streaks, in blue, or red, or in your desired color. Or thick classic ash blonde highlights to showcase the beautiful lines on the hair. Both are good!

We'll attach more examples at the end of the article. Let's move on to the service of the month for June/July 2023. All of the highlights, including the 7 colors above, are included in this promotion (money piece is not included) -

Color + Highlights @ $118 (for all lengths)

Highlights in Japanese style or your desired style (e.g babylights)

Includes a base color w/o bleaching + highlights (either bleaching or lifting)

Includes haircut, Olaplex mini treatment, and L’oreal treatment

And we have reached the end of the article! Thank you so much for reading! I’ll include more examples of the classic highlights below. To book an appointment, you can call our hair studios at 6259 4631 (tiong bahru) or 6336 1476 (bugis cube), or whatsapp us directly @ (whatsapp only). Stay safe and healthy! :)

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