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Is it okay to sleep with wet hair??

People older than us always said never to sleep with wet hair as it could make you sick, is that a myth or a fact? Read until the end to find out if it really affects your health. If you find this useful, do tag a friend to share this knowledge so more people know how to take care of their hair. Do help your friends! :)

Hello! This is supposed to be the episode 4 of our hair education series but I’m releasing it as an article instead. For this article, we're going to talk about why you should never sleep with wet hair.

For the ladies, I’m sure it’s a hassle to have to dry the hair every night before you sleep. It takes forever to dry, right? Haha. You might also have heard of myths that said it’s bad for health to sleep with wet hair. Is it really true? Hmm, yes and no. But before that, let me share with you 3 reasons why you should never sleep with wet hair.

Number 1, it could cause severe hair breakage. Generally speaking, our hair is pretty strong and each strand can hold up to 100g of weight but it only applies for dry hair. Have you notice that when you comb your wet hair after showering, there is a lot of hair on your comb? This is because when you comb wet hair, it stretches and it can only stretch up to a limit, thereafter, it snaps and break off.

When the hair is wet, the proteins form weaker hydrogen bonds compared to when the hair is dry. And because of this, it makes the hair easier to damage. So if you were to sleep with wet hair, as you toss and turn, friction will cause the hair to snap more easily. To reduce hair breakage, try not to comb it when it’s wet and avoid sleeping with wet hair.

Number 2, you’ll spend more time styling your hair. If you have watched episode 1 of this series, I mentioned other than heat, water is the next thing that can break the bond. It applies here too. Whatever style that you have set for your hair when it’s wet, it will remain that way as it slowly dries itself given time.

When you sleep, your wet hair will be twisted into all sorts of styles and it will look exactly that way when you wake up. And this is why you’ll have bad hair day, because you left the hair to twist and turn the entire night, this is what you have to face after that. The only way to smoothen the hair is to spend more time trying to restyle. By re-wetting or by using a heat tool. Unless you have a lot of time to spare in the morning, otherwise, do dry the hair before sleeping.

Number 3, bacteria growth. According to science, we know that water plus warmth equals to rapid growth of bacteria. Now let’s apply this on our hair. Wet hair plus the warmth of your head creates the perfect breeding ground on the damp pillow. You’ll never know much much bacteria is growing on your pillow. In addition, the prolonged dampness of your hair will also cause fungi to multiply. This causes dandruff in the long run. And severe dandruff might result in hair loss etc. A vicious chain effect.

In conclusion, like what I said above, they said never to sleep with wet hair as it could make you sick, is it really true? With the 3 reasons above, I find it to be partially true as we will never know what the bacteria on the pillow could lead to. It might be inhale through the mouth and into our body and mutate into something else. On the other hand, it will definitely cause hair breakage as our hair is the weakest when it is wet. Prevention is better than cure. To avoid unnecessary problems such as hair breakage, hair loss or bacteria infection, do try not to sleep with wet hair. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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