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Does Water Make The Hair Less Dry

Do you know water makes up about 25% of each strand’s weight? Although it doesn't look like it, water is a lot more important than you have imagined.

Hello there! In this article, we’ll talk about water and if it makes the hair less dry. Since young, we have always been told to drink more water regardless of the situation. Thirsty? Drink more water. Too hot? Drink more water. Not feeling well? Drink more water. Or if you would like to speak in a different language during parliament, drink more water too! Hahaha.

Jokes aside, all these benefits make me wonder if water helps the hair to be less dry. A good question to ponder about.

Before that, the usual practice, let’s begin with the basics. About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, like earth, water makes up about 70% of our body too. What does that tell you? It simply means, water is extremely important to the body as we have about 70% of it in our body.

Being an important component in the body, it helps the body to function well and helps to maintain the composition of saliva, blood, and sweat. Saliva hydrates the mouth and helps with digestion, the blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body and the sweat flushes out toxins and bacteria. In addition, water is vital in regulating body temperature too.

Before we touch on water and hair, let’s talk about water and the largest organ in the body, our skin. Look at your hand right now, touch your fingers, do you see that there is certain plumpness to it and the elasticity of the skin? The collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin need a fluid environment to function well.

Most of the functions of the body work as a chain. Following the example above, the absence of water will reduce the fluid in the body, and that reduces the effectiveness of collagen and its production, and that affects the appearance of the skin.

If it looks wrinkled and dry, I would suggest increasing your water intake.

Water helps to hydrate and make sure the scalp is functioning well too by regulating flushing out toxins and bacteria out of the scalp through sweat. Without sufficient water, the scalp may be dry and that will cause flaking, in other words, dandruff. Also, without a healthy scalp, the follicle may be damaged and cause the hair to fall out.

Enough with the appetizer. Let’s dive right into the main course for today with a number example again. Water makes up 25% of the weight of a single strand of hair. With this, it means that if you are not drinking as much water, the hair is lighter by weight.

It sounds like a good thing, having long hair but without all the unnecessary weight. Like a dream come true. Haha. But it’s not exactly good though. When the hair has weight, it prevents issues like frizz. When the weight is lesser, what does it bring? More frizz! Not good.

Like water to plant, the water is a key ingredient that helps in absorbing essential nutrients and also to remove the toxins from the hair. When the hair does not receive the water it needs to continue growing, it leads to brittle hair and split ends, and that will affect hair growth.

Without water, your hair will not be able to grow properly at a healthy rate. Dehydration affects hair growth directly so if you find that your hair is growing very slowly, one of the reasons could be that you are not drinking enough water.

You know when you see somebody’s hair from behind, it looks healthy, shiny, and well-moisturized. It could be from products (conditioner/hair mask) but those are not permanent solutions, if you want that, you have to keep using it, it’s kind of artificially creating the illusion of nice hair. There is also another kind where the natural hair looks like that without any chemical process. It can be done with sufficient water intake with a good diet.

Whether a hair is genuinely healthy or not, you can actually tell from your eyes. Does it look moisturized? Of course, if it has been bleached or colored before, that is another issue but if it has not, and it looks dry and brittle, this is a big signal. Or if it has been bleached and colored, and it looks dry, water drinking will not reverse everything but it can help to make it look less damaged by being well-moisturized. The kind of hair where you know it has some water content, you know it is damaged but not that damaged till it’s dry like grass.

In conclusion, as I said above, it works like a chain where the absence of one thing leads to another. A chain reaction. Without sufficient water intake, it wouldn’t allow the hair to function properly. Without the ability to function properly, it means less vitamin and nutrients can be absorbed. Without nutrients, it will not grow well and look nice. Which means, the most important question of this article, does drinking water make the hair less dry?

Yes. It affects the hair directly like a chain reaction. My ultimate advice is, drink well and your hair will look well.

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