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Balayage Without Ammonia

Hello there! Welcome to a new article on the introduction of a new service - Balayage Without Ammonia. There will always be requests asking if we have non-ammonia options. We have been planning this for quite a while, gathered 8 hair volunteers to try this beforehand. There will be a lot of photos so make sure you read until the end to understand more about this new service.

Balayage is a nice hand-painted french coloring style with a gradient transition between the base and the balayage color. There are many types of balayage. Japanese style, European style, and different salons will have their own styles too within themselves.

Formally introducing the main protagonist - our Yumi Fruity Color Mask. We have talked about this before in a previous article but let me do a recap.

The Yumi Fruity Color Mask is a very innovative product, a brilliant hybrid between a hair mask and color pigment from natural ingredients, mainly from fruits. And because it is made from such natural ingredients, it has no ammonia in it. In short, it is a hair mask with color pigment in it. Super convenient!

There are a lot of nutrients in this color mask too, such as,

  1. Vitamin C (antioxidant) - protects and reduce hair damage from UV light

  2. AHA - natural hair repair agent to moisturize, prevents frizz, and smoothen hair

  3. Pectin Extract - increase hair smooth and shine

  4. Levulose Extract - enhance hair elasticity

Based on just the past 365 days alone, we have sold hundreds of tubes of the Fruity Color Mask as we have many repeat customers who purchase this online. Happy to know that this product is well-received by our customers.

Now that we have introduced our main star, let’s dive straight into this service.

We have 28 different colors for the Fruity Color Mask but we have selected 8 color choices for this Balayage without Ammonia series, we have split them into 1 round of bleaching and 2 rounds of bleaching.

Why is it classified this way is because this is to show you the extent of the colors you can do for different rounds of bleaching.

1 round of bleaching

Ash Brown, Golden Brown, Ruby Red & Violet

With only one round of bleaching, plus a color mask without ammonia, the damage is kept to a minimum. The violet is a very popular color as it’s not too light but has a striking deep purple shade. Watch out for it below! :)

2 rounds of bleaching

Dark Ash, Ash Blue, Ash Pink & Ash Violet

Shall we look at some pictures of the color?

One round of bleaching

Ash Brown (1 round of bleaching)

A brownish dark ash color which is slightly on the darker side, for those who prefer a lower-key ashy brown color

Golden Brown (1 round of bleaching)

The sunny warm golden brown color that is created from yellow, brown, and black, for those who prefer the classic summer balayage look

Ruby Red (1 round of bleaching)

Like the gemstone, the slightly dark shade of red also resembles a tomato color with a tinge of copper

Violet (1 round of bleaching)

A beautiful combination of bluish-purple that forms this mysterious but classy deep garnet-purple color

Two round of bleaching

Dark Ash (2 rounds of bleaching)

Classic dark ash that is produced after the fire, a combination of greyish-blue, black, white and a tinge of green

Ash Blue (2 rounds of bleaching)

One of my favorite color in this series, the dusty blue shade elevate the entire classy feel by a level higher

Ash Pink (2 rounds of bleaching)

Some might find pink to be too striking but with the additional grey pigment, ash pink transforms into a feminine but empowering color

Ash Violet (2 rounds of bleaching)

To create the waterfall dip-dye effect, this is colored slightly on the lower end, to showcase the flexibility of a balayage coloring. We can create a low-key balayage styling coloring too and it can still look equally nice.

After all the introduction of the different colors, how can we leave out the promotion? Here you go!

Service of the month (Sep/Oct 2021)

Balayage Without Ammonia at $118

Includes bleaching and 1 color on the lower 60% length, haircut, and olaplex mini treatment + l’oreal treatment

To book an appointment, you can call our hair studios at 6259 4631 (tiong bahru) or 6336 1476 (bugis cube), whatsapp us directly @ (whatsapp only) or head to our website, .

That’s about it! My favorite within this series is Ash Blue, which one is yours? Send us a message if you have any questions. Stay safe and healthy!


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